CarX Drift Racing Online: How to make money FAST, up to $1 million every minute

CarX Drift Racing Online is a game we just can't put down. We love playing this fun drifting experience as it rewards the player for doing the right things.

When it comes to getting money quickly, there's little better ways to go about it than this method we've found. And yes, that's accurate, you can earn up to one million dollars every minute!

The method

There is one caveat to this method, and it's that you must own at least one Class 5 vehicle. You don't have to use it for this method, but it must be somewhere in your garage. You need to then go to Time Attack and select the West Coast Arena. Again, you'll need this circuit unlocked if you haven't already.

CarX 2
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SUREFIRE THING: This method is sure to boost your bank so you can afford any and all cars in the game

Then, you need to complete the Time Attack stage. This only takes around 20-25 seconds and yields a payout of at least $300,000. The course is easy, just a few simple lefts and right turns and you're golden, you really shouldn't be going wrong here.

The Class 5 car is important here, because it gives you a larger bonus at the end.

That's it though, that's all you have to do to make some serious money in CarX fast. The better car you have for this stage, the more money you should be able to make, but it isn't imperative that you have a top-level ride.

Video tutorial

If you learn better by watching, then this video tutorial from ExpieredMilk on YouTube will have you covered:

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