CarX Drift Racing Online: PTR Update 2.12.0 - New track, soundtrack, & more

CarX Drift Racing Online is one of the most fun and high-quality racing games out there. CarX Technologies recently made their PTR testing update live. PTR allows the players to test out and provide feedback for a big patch before it goes live for everybody.

What's included though? We've got the full PTR patch notes right here!

Full patch notes

Mondello park carx
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NEW PLAYGROUND: Mondello Park joins the CarX circuit roster
  • New Track - Mondello Park

Gameplay/ sound updates:

  • Added new soundtracks
  • Changed engine sounds for new cars
  • Added selection of the installed part in the "Body kits" section
  • Added new spoilers Missile V2 and StreetX, rear bumper Missile and Custom V2 for Burner JDM car
  • Added new CBW v2 headlights and CBW visor for Wellington S20

Bug fixes:

  • Test solution to the desync problem in multiplayer
  • Corrected spawn zones of cars in multiplayer
  • Changes in lighting and fleet models
  • Fixed position of wheels in arches on some cars

How can you play the PTR update?

This update is for PC only, and to access it, you need to select the version of the game with the update you need:

  • Go to the Steam library
  • Right Click on CarX Drift Racing Online
  • Select properties
  • Go to the BETA VERSIONS tab
  • Select version ptr_2.12.0

After feedback has been collected and implemented, this will be rolled out to all consoles. Expect it in the next few weeks on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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