CarX Drift Racing Online: PTR Update 2.12.0 (v4) – Improved graphics & gameplay

CarX Technologies are continuously working hard to improve and build upon their impressive CarX Drift Racing Online. The latest version of their 2.12.0 PTR update brings a lot to the table, here's the rundown:

What is a PTR update?

We wrote a full article going into the ins and outs of what a PTR update is, but we'll summarise it briefly here. PTR stands for "Public Test Realm" and is where a group of players test out the new updates before they go live to all players on all systems.

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THE TESTING GROUND: PTR updates allow a select group of players to try out new features before going to the whole game

CarX players on PC can try out the PTR update now, but those on Xbox and PlayStation will have to wait to get their hands on it. Console players can rest easy though, knowing that the update will be fully optimised by the time it hits Xbox One and PS4.

2.12.0 has proven to be a huge endeavour, as this PTR has been live on PC for over a month now.

Full patch notes

This is the fourth version of PTR update 2.12.0 and there's still a lot to unpack here. This includes graphics, gameplay and quality of life improvements:


  • Improved graphics for Mondello Park


  • Added new StreetX bodykit to Spector RS
  • Added new ProFlow bodykit for Wanderer L30
  • Added a new free DLC "South American Style" bodykit for the Raven RV8
  • Added a new free DLC "South American style" bodykit for the Spector RS
  • Added a new free DLC "South American style" bodykit for the Shadow XTR car

Graphic arts

  • Improved display of smoke
  • Changed the behaviour of smoke from the front wheels
  • Fixed smoke behaviour with the rear-view mirror turned on
  • Improved image brightness and saturation
  • Changes in the work of the exposition


  • Added the ability to select a track for a test ride in a dyno
  • Added a new category of stickers
  • Added material saving for previously selected vinyl colours
  • Improvements in the smoothness of the camera view through the gamepad


  • Added support for the DualSense ™ controller
  • Added the ability to assign the camera view action to the left button and mouse wheel


  • Returned a warning about a disabled cross-platform to the list of rooms


  • Added the ability to create rooms with a specific range of tire grip
  • Added a new room filter for tire grip
  • Fixed incorrect percentage of passing configs


  • Optimised image compression technology for better performance

PTR Update 2.12.0 is live now for all CarX players on PC!

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