Chocobo GP: Final Fantasy Kart Racer coming to Switch - Release date, trailer, & more

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Some racing games are ones that we can predict coming from a mile away. Others like Chocobo GP seemingly come out of nowhere, but we're not complaining. If you haven't heard of Chocobo before, don't worry, as this will be the first game in the series since the turn of the millennium.

Square Enix's Nintendo Switch exclusive is going to hit shelves within a few months, and we're hyped. Here's everything you need to know about Chocobo GP!

Latest news - Chocobo GP Release date trailer

Those looking forward to Chocobo GP's release were given an early Christmas present in December. Nintendo uploaded a new trailer for the game which also revealed Chocobo's release date.

That date is 10th March 2022, but there is plenty more that has also been confirmed in this trailer.

Game modes

The release date trailer also revealed plenty that we already expected when it comes to the game modes that will be available upon release.

Chocobo gp 1
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MANY OPTIONS: Players going for offline competitions won't be disappointed

Story Mode will be one of the most popular single player modes and a great way to unlock new characters and tracks. Another mode that will a frequent choice for gamers will be the series races, which will produce four-race competitions that are settled on points.

One more mode we see is time trial, where players will compete against the clock to achieve their best time around a track. The possibilities are literally endless as well, as custom races can also be created.


We get a very brief glimpse at the online multiplayer that's available in Chocobo GP. You'll be able to compete in online knockout tournaments which will feature up to 64 players. That's not 64 on the track at the same time, but rather eight groups of eight, which are whittled down to eight via four rounds of knockout stages.

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MAYHEM: The multiplayer will feature races with up to 64 competitors

That's still impressive though, and more than you'll see in almost any racing game on any console.


A few days after the reveal trailer dropped, outlets like IGN released a two-minute gameplay:

This gave us a good idea of what to expect in March this year. The gameplay showed us the power-ups, drifting and boost mechanics.

More than 20 years in the making

Many players that will experience Chocobo GP weren't even born when the original was released. Chocobo Racing was released back in 1999 and wasn't available on the Nintendo home console of the time. Surprisingly, the original Chocobo game was a PlayStation exclusive.

Chocobo Racing
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THE ORIGINAL: Chocobo Racing was released over 20 years ago

1999 was also the year that Crash Team Racing was released, with both games competing with Mario Kart for the most popular arcade racer. While neither never toppled MK, they were popular and some of the best games in the dying days of the original PlayStation console.

While Final Fantasy may not be as popular as it used to be, arcade racers and online racing are more popular than ever. There's a very high chance that Chocobo GP will impress us and fans alike.

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