Circuit Superstars: Steam Early Access, console release coming soon!

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We're massive fans of all things racing here, especially games... I guess that's in the name though, isn't it?

One such arcade racer which we're very excited to play is Circuit Superstars.

So, let's take a look at the game now, and everything you need to know about the soon-to-be fully released title!

Circuit Superstars

The game's main selling point is that it harks back to a golden era of arcade racing. It has a top-down viewpoint and a mini-racer aesthetic.

The graphics are very similar to art of rally, although it does seem to have a bit more detail. The gameplay itself however does seem to be more detailed, with a fuel, tyre and engine model as well as a "tactile handling model".

Featuring a number of different types of racing, and a unique gameplay experience thanks to that POV, the game really is an awesome game to play and behold.

Release date

The game is now available to play as an Early Access title on Steam, a day we have been wait for for a while now.

CS 1
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GET RACING: Circuit Superstars has a variety of vehicles!

This is pre-full release beta version of the game which helps to give players an idea of how the game will play. If you end up not liking it, no need to buy the full game!

There is no official release date just yet, although Square Enix predicts that the early access version will last a good 6-12 months.


The current early access version of the game will set you back £12.99 or $16.99.

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PIT STOP!: That's right, Circuit Superstars even has pit stops...!

No doubt, this price will change slightly when fully released, but once again, we don't know yet what the launch price will be.

Likewise with a console version, the price is as yet unknown. We do know, however, that the title will be based on the PC version!

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