Warzone: New vehicles in Warzone could change the way you rotate!

Warzone has truly taken the gaming world by storm, with the free to play battle royale offering already amassing over 100 million players in total.

One of the defining elements of the game is the vehicles on the map. From quad bikes to huge trucks and helicopters, Warzone has it al,. They're also great ways to avoid the gulag...

So, here is a technical breakdown of each vehicle in Verdansk, including the new ones with Season 4, and how you should be using them!

Latest News - Two new vehicles join Verdansk!

With Season 4, players have received two new vehicles, both of which could change the game immensely. These are the armoured Bertha and Dirt Bike, which both join the BR mode.

Warzone Dirt Bike
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Both of these vehicles could change the way people play. The Dirt Bike spawns in locations around the map much like normal vehicles, and the armoured bertha is achieved by completing a contract at the satellite crash sites.

Whilst the armoured bertha is a huge addition to Verdansk, the bike is more interesting for me. It is incredibly fast, and seems like it could prove to be a new way to allow players to rotate quickly.

This will likely enable players to zip between Bounty or Recon contracts with ease, proving invaluable for both high kill games and wins.

The chopper

A helicopter is undoubtedly one of the most versatile vehicles in Season 3 Warzone, and not just because it's the only one that can fly.

WZ Chopper
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It boasts the highest speed in the game, at 25.8 m/s with the second-highest health of any vehicle, at 3200 health when new.

The helicopter, 9 times out of ten, is your best bet for rotations, getting good positioning against teams, and hopping from building to building. Be careful, however, as your teammates will be on the outside of the vehicle and vulnerable to shots from any angle - although if your enemies are hacking like this guy, you won't stand much of a chance anyway...

To avoid taking too much damage when on the outside of a chopper, change seats constantly so as to avoid shots. Likewise, the pilot can slalom from left to right, which also helps the vehicle land faster.

The Bertha

This is the next best bet for those of you looking to rotate in almost complete safety, as it offers some serious protection.

WZ Bertha
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The Bertha has a movement speed of 15.2 m/s, and boasts the highest health in the game at 3600 when new.

The Bertha provides a good options for teams looking to rotate or simply push other teams. It's high health let's it take a lot of shots before running out of health also.

The only drawback is that only one person can get in the cab. This leaves the three in the back vulnerable to shots, however, this can be minimised by the driver slaloming or players lying at an angle that provides cover using the side wall.


After months of dominating the meta in solos, Warzone has finally addressed the big Bertha problem.

Raven has now limited the number of Berthas to 5 per match, rather than the 16-20 there were previously. This will make their spawn points an early battle ground in Solos especially.


The SUV in Warzone will be the most recognisable for many, as it closely resembles a Land Rover Defender. It is also one of just two vehicles that lets the whole team jump in!

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In Warzone, the SUV offers speeds of 16.9 m/s and has roughly 2000 health.

Equipped with a trophy, the SUV is a very good option for rotations, providing a good mix of speed, health, and letting all 4 players in a quad jump in.

The Tac Rover

This vehicle is Verdansk's version of a military rover, giving players high-speed movement and manoeuvrability. This doesn't come without a cost, however, as the vehicle has no side panels, leaving occupants open to shots.

WZ Tac Rover
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The car has a movement speed of 19.4 m/s, and boasts 1200 health. This makes it significantly weaker than the SUV, so why would people still use it?

It simply is because of the increased movement of the vehicle, which makes it a much better getaway car when in a sticky situation. Raven Software has made a number of changes to vehicles in the past, we hope the next update leaves them as is!

We highly recommend slaloming however, as the open-sides of the vehicle leave players extremely vulnerable. This should help to minimise damage taken by the occupants.


The final vehicle in Verdansk is the infamous ATV, a quad bike built for all situations. This is an incredibly nimble vehicle, allowing for two passengers, although other players can jump on the quad as well.

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It boasts a movement speed of 17.8 m/s and just 900 health. That's right, it's not even the fastest vehicle! So why would you still use it?

Much like with the Tac Rover, it offers even greater manoeuvrability, with some players even getting these nimble quads into buildings!

A quad offers a great way to escape quickly, and in hard to reach places. However, treat quads as a last resort where possible.

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