Destruction Allstars Splitscreen: Multiplayer, online & more!

Destruction Allstars is finally here, and to top it off, we get the game for free with PS Plus!

Many have been wondering about the state of multiplayer in the game, and whether or not it has splitscreen.

So, let's go over how multiplayer will work in Destruction Allstars now!


Firstly, it's important to note that Destruction Allstars does not come with splitscreen.

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LOCAL OPTIONS: Unfortunately, Destruction Allstars does not have splitscreen!

We don't know whether or not Sony xDev and Lucid Games have plans to add more modes.

However, if they do, there's no reason that splitscreen couldn't be added as a local multiplayer option. Splitscreen is where we all grew up, desperately trying to beat various family members on the Gran Turismo!

Online Multiplayer

The game relies on the multiplayer aspect at its core, with collective carnage being the main aim.

As such, there are a number of good multiplayer modes for players to enjoy online. For us, Mayhem and Carnado are two true standouts!

After all, as the game itself focusses, much like Fall Guys, on putting a smile on your face, it comes as no surprise that the online multiplayer is well padded out. There are 4 main game modes!

Destruction Allstars

If you got this far and still don't know quite what Destruction Allstars, it's a multiplayer, arena-based, demolition derby carnage.

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PLAY WITH FRIENDS: The game has a plethora of multiplayer options!

With 16 players and an awesome array of different abilities and powers, it's easy to see why players, us included, are hooked!

The PS5 exclusive is also free on PS Plus right now, and will be for two months, so make sure to get it downloaded and enjoy it now.

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