Destruction AllStars Trailer: New gameplay & characters shown off in latest trailer!

We're getting closer to the release date of Destruction AllStars, and excitement is building.

With an awesome approach to arena based demolition derby madness, the game looks amazing!

So, with a brand new trailer released yesterday, let's see what we're getting ourselves into.

New trailer

The new trailer truly has us jumping on the hype. With the chaotic action in full screen, we're somehow even more excited than we were before!

The trailer shows us a plethora of character that will be available for players to use.

As well as this, we see a number of gameplay moments including how the game will play outside of the car. With on-foot gameplay just as important as vehicular, the game has some awesome variety!

Character reveals

We now also have some awesome names and personalities to add to our destruction allstars!

Destruction Allstars Image 2
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ALL OUT ACTION: The trailer demonstrates the crazy action of the game!

Our new favourite is Boxtop. This awesome character is armed with some incredible shoulder pads and a cape that pair well with his cardboard box head.

In fact, we love the cardboard box. It certainly helps to add to the mystery of the character, and we can't wait to discover more about them!

Destruction AllStars

The game itself has been delayed to February. However, this is just a short wait for those waiting to play the game now.

Destruction Allstars Image 1
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FULL COHORT: There are a huge number of playable characters!

Not only this, the game will launch for free for two months on PS Plus, so make sure to download it as son as you can thanks to your subscription!

The game will be a next-gen PS5 exclusive, which means it will boast impressive graphics, fast loading times and buttery smooth performance.

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