Destruction AllStars Update: 1.2.2 Hotfix now live - voice chat fix

Destruction AllStars arrived this week to much fanfare on PS Plus.

If you haven't downloaded it yet you are missing out, check out our review here.

One issue has sprung up for players though, and that is the "always on" nature of the voice chat within the game.

Well now there is a fix.

Destruction AllStars update 1.2.2 patch notes

The big focus in this hotfix was to turn voice chat from always on to off by default.

This means that you don't have to remember to mute your mic, or hit a few buttons before every game to make sure you can't hear other people during a match.

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Off by default means there is now an option to turn it on, and of course if you are playing with friends you can have a party chat without anything interfering.

Other updates include:

  • Fixing several client crashes relating to multiplayer lobbies & UI
  • Lucid Games is working on longer-term enchancements to the voice communications system

This is only a hotfix, and a wider patch is expected soon.

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