Disney Speedstorm Tracks: Confirmed Circuits in-game

Disney Speedstorm Tracks

Disney Speedstorm Tracks

Disney Speedstorm has the potential to have a lot of tracks to race around. The upcoming Disney-Pixar arcade racer has a huge amount of IP to call upon when it comes to designing its circuits.

So, which circuits have been confirmed? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Disney Speedstorm Tracks

The first circuit that was confirmed for Disney Speedstorm was The Castle. The Castle is from the Beauty and The Beast, so unsurprisingly, Belle and the Beast are two playable characters in Speedstorm.

This track was confirmed via one of the game's trailers, which we've linked below:

Toon Village

Another circuit that was officially confirmed via a trailer was the Toon Village track. This looks to be Mickey Mouse's and Donald Duck's circuit and will see you race around both the downtown and park sections of the track.

Monsters Inc.

The latest trailer to come out of the Disney-Marvel games presentation confirms that there will be a Monsters Inc. track to race around.

This circuit hasn't been named yet, but will encompass the Scare Floor, Monster's University and the mountain where Sulley and Mike are banished in the first film.

Other unconfirmed circuits

There have been some other circuits which haven't been confirmed just yet. We know they're in the game, because we've seen them in trailers, but they haven't received a name as of yet.

These include a Pirates of the Caribbean track (as shown above), and ones from Mulan, Jungle Book and Hercules.

We're sure that more will be revealed closer to the release date, which has been confirmed for later this year.

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