DRIFT21 launches today for PC, bringing drifting simulation to the masses!

We are big fans of racing here at RacingGames, it's sort of in the name. However, what we don't often reveal is we're also very fond of racing sideways.

I am, of course, referring to drifting, and that's exactly what the aptly named DRFIT21 is all about.

So, let's take a look at the latest drifting title from 505 Games and ECC Games S.A.!

DRIFT21 Launch

For those who may have played the game in Early Access, you can now enjoy the full experience of what DRIFT21 has to offer.

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The game has been in Early Access for just over a year, giving the team plenty of time to enact on player feedback, and create the ultimate drifting simulation title for fans.

The game features a huge variety of customisation, cars, tracks, and modes, all of which will help keep the game playable for years to come!

DRIFT21 Features

The game has 12 fully licensed cars for players to choose from including the Mazda MX5, Subaru BRZ, BMW E46 M3 and the Nissan 350Z.

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With these cars, you can then tune them with any of the nearly 2,000 parts in the game, as well as a huge variety of paint shop and sticker options.

DRIFT21 also features 8 iconic EBISU circuits from Japan, Koszalin from Poland and even huge stadiums turned drift arenas.

Early Access improvements

Thanks to the Early Access version of the game, there are a number of imporvements that the team was able to make.

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Most notably, this includes improves physics for both driving and collision, which will increase realism massively for those behind the virtual wheel.

There are also new progression mechanics in the game, giving players even more reason to play!


The game is now available through Steam, and can be purchased from the link here.

Be quick as well, as the game is currently at a cheaper price of £22.49!

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