Elon Musk has made the Tesla Model S the world's best sim rig!

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Elon Musk is known for, well, at the moment, helping random stocks quadruple in price.

However, he's also the mastermind behind Tesla and SpaceX, as we all also know.

With the Tesla Model S refresh this year, which includes a built-in gaming PC, Elon may have just made the coolest sim rig we've ever seen.

The Tesla sim rig

OK so obviously the car is designed to be well, a car. Capable of well over 150mph and ludicrous 0-60 times, it's a pretty damn awesome car at that.

GT Sport Tesla Model S
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IT'S GAME TIME: We wonder if we'll be able to game on the PC in game!

However, with the inclusion of a gaming PC in the car itself, it becomes apparent that this isn't your average car. The PC is even boasting some incredible hardware...

So, with some tech magic, we're pretty sure Elon Musk may have inadvertently made one of the world's coolest sim.

Not only can you play Forza on it in the morning, but it will also drive you to the shop in the afternoon!

Kind of immersive...

So, the Tesla Model S boasts a huge sound system, with 22 speakers providing incredibly detailed sound.

Tesla Model S
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INTERIOR DESIGN: The wheel looks perfect for some sim action!

However, unfortunately the front screen is a mere 17 inches. I can't quite believe I'm complaining about the size of a monitor that is ina car!

Once again, we're sure someone will find a way to make the front wind screen work as a monitor. So, whilst the sim racing experience doesn't seem perfect yet, we're sure it will be... Eventually.

Sim rig envy


In the sim racing scene, we see plenty of wild and whacky sim racing rigs. From Lamborghini controllers to Aston Martin cockpits.

AM Sim Rig
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ASTON MARTIN: This Aston sim rig will set you back nearly £60k!

However, there is potential for this to be the ultimate in sim rigs. If someone can work out how to get that front windscreen as, well, a screen, it'll be perfect.

With incredible audio and a powerful built-in PC running the sim, the only thing left is a changeable wheel. Although, the wheel has already been changed to a GT-esque style road wheel.

So maybe, Elon really is building this car for the sim racers. Well, those with a spare £73,000 sat in the bank at least.

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