Euro Truck Simulator 2: The truck game that delivers it all

Euro Truck Simulator 2 remains one of the top played games of Steam, with the game consistently peaking at over 30,000 concurrent players and in the top 30 on Steam.

That got us thinking, how is the nearly 9 year old game still so popular?

So, let's take a look at the simulator itself, what it contains, and why we think the game is still the go-to!

Euro Truck Simulator 2

The sim itself is pretty much what it says on the tin. You simply have to drive trucks across Europe.

There are plenty of ways to drive, places to drive, and even cargo to deliver in the absolutely immense map.

And yet, the game isn't just a truckers digital paradise. The game's audience stretches far and wide, and no, they're not people who just love trucks. So what's the catch? Why do so many people still sink so many hours into it?

The attraction

There are a number of reasons that the game retains such a wide and well-sized audience to this day. Firstly, in our eyes, is the support the game has received.

ETS2 interior
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INTERIOR: One DLC added customisation to the interior!

Despite being nearly 9 years old, the game has seen a huge number of updates, improvements, and DLCs. This is paramount to making a game feel fresh and renewed throughout its lifecycle.

Next, there's the satisfying and detailed physics engine, which really helps with the game's immersion. Each lorry has a different feel, and various different trailers and cargos also change the way the sim plays.

Finally, there's the game's accessibility. If you want to live out your wildest trucking dreams of building a huge logistics operation, you can. Likewise, if you just want to explore the roads of Europe, you also can!

The Map

We felt that the map needed its own section, as the map is a tremendously huge selling point for the game anyway!

ETS2 Truck
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ON THE ROAD: There are plenty of types of road for you to cruise on!

As well as DLCs adding many thousands of kilometres of roads to drive, the original map itself aimed to capture as many major European roads as possible.

You rally can just get lost 'travelling' Europe, exploring and seeing what the digital version of the continent has to offer.

The conclusion

So, all in all, it's easy to see why the game is still so popular given the scope of the title, and how easy it is to pick up.

DLC improvements have kept the game exciting, adding numerous new elements to the game including interiors and huge new swathes of Europe to drive.

Finally, we've got the myriad ways that you can play the game, and quickly it's easy to see why Euro Truck Simulator 2 remains popular to this day.

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