Eurotruck Simulator 2: New update, lighting changes, Germany changes & more!

Eurotruck Simulator 2 is the trucking game that keeps on giving, and we're absolutely here for it.

With an immense map, numerous ways to play and awesomely calming gameplay, it's easy to see why it is so popular.

Now, the devs have release a new update for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Let's take a look at these changes now!

Improved lighting

One of the most exciting changes brought with this update is an improved lighting model throughout the game.

The team had to drop various parts of future projects to get this done, which required a rework of a monstrous number of assets.

This should make the game look even better than it already does. It also takes the game one step closer to physics based lighting, which shows how committed SCS are to this title.

Changes in Germany

Another change brought in in this update are a number of updates to Germany.

ETS2 interior
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LOTS OF CHANGES: Many assets have seen a change in this update!

Given the large number of changes and DLCs the company has released for the game, some parts of the map are already rendered in incredible detail.

So, since 2018, a small team at SCS has been redoing Germany. Now, with this update, there has been a complete reskin and rework of all the highways and roads.

There has also been a full redesign and expanded road network for Dortmund, Duisburg, Dusseldorf and Koln.

Future Update

We also, excitingly, know a little of what future updates may hold, and it's good news for players.

ETS2 Truck
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A NEW LOOK: The new lighting will make the game seem even more realistic!

The team behind the game are soon to add the Iberian peninsula to Euro Truck Simulator 2, adding at least Portugal and Spain.

It is suspected that future content will also send players deeper into Russia. With countless miles of road to potentially add, it makes sense for the developers to expand here!

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