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Pre-order Expeditions: A MudRunner Game While It's 27% Off

A green off-road vehicle with yellow trim driving through long grass towards some stones in Expeditions: A MudRunner Game.
Credit: Saber Interactive

Everybody loves a good deal, but a good deal is even sweeter if it's on something that isn't even out yet. That's exactly the situation Expeditions: A MudRunner Game is in right now, as you can pre-order it with a lovely 27% discount on its retail price.

Costing just $32.09 (£25.49 in the UK) as opposed to $44.09 (£34.99), this is one of the best deals on a racing game we've come across as of late, especially because it's not yet been released. We can't stress enough how rare that is, so make sure you capitalise on this great deal before the game arrives on 5 March.

A first-person shot from inside an off-road vehicle in Expeditions: A MudRunner Game, with the driver driving through a rocky stream.
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Credit: Saber Interactive

If you're unsure what Expeditions: A MudRunner Game is, then the first thing you'll want to know is it's predominately an exploration game that follows in a similar vein to SnowRunner.

You're essentially in charge of scientific expeditions while venturing out into arid deserts, rugged forests, and steep mountains in various all-terrain vehicles. You can build up your base, purchase high-tech tools, and expand your fleet of off-road machines, and that's only really scratching the surface of what's in store. We've got a handy guide on everything you need to know if you want to find out more.

Seeing as you're pre-ordering the game here, you also get "The Great Don 71", a unique cosmetic upgrade for the Don 71 SUV in the game, adding to the appeal of this enticing pre-order discount. Don't miss out!

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