F-Zero: Beloved series could come back with the right idea!

The futuristic racer, F-Zero, was an incredibly popular game in its time, with the latest game release in 2004.

Many fans of the series were sorry to see it go, and have been hoping for a return of the franchise since. Well, that could happen.

Let's take a closer look at the words of Takaya Imamura, and what it could means for the series of games, now!

Takaya Imamura

Imamura was one of the brains behind a number of iconic Nintendo characters during his years at the company. These include, Captain Falcon and Fox McCloud.

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However, he left the company earlier this year and has since started as a professor at the International Professional University of Technology in Osaka.

Excitingly, Imamura mentioned in an interview with IGN that he would like to see a new F-Zero game. Unfortunately, there are some requirements that need to be met before the franchise can return.

Why haven't we seen a new game yet?

Primarily, as Imamura mentions, the series is hard to bring back as it needs a "grand new idea" in order to revitalise it.

So, despite his wish to bring the game back earlier, it has been too difficult to do so. It also remains to be seen what this big new idea could be.

Thankfully, for those still waiting on that new F-Zero title, Imamura also confirmed that his leaving the company doesn't signify the end of the series. The IP is still Nintendo's and hopes remain high for a new game at some point in the future.

But, who does want it?

In 2012, the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto was surprised to find out that gamers were still asking for a new instalment in the franchise.

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Whether it be nostalgia, or simply missing the series itself, the way it plays, and its various nuances, polls have ended with F-Zero as one of the most missed games.

So, for those hoping for a new F-Zero title, what is it exactly you'd like to see in the new game? Come and let us know over in our Discord!

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