Farming Simulator 22 Autofeed cow barn: Complete guide - How to buy, maintenance, & more

We're all for an easy life when we can make it a realistic possibility. That's definitely the case in Farming Simulator 22 as well, as there's so much to do around a farm. Any duties that your workers can take off you will always be a big help. It's even better though, when your livestock can effectively look after itself.

That's exactly what the Autofeed cow barn does, as the barn looks after itself by automatically properly feeding your cows. How do you get this piece of kit though? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Buying the barn

The autofeed barn is easy enough to purchase. You head to the store, then construction before going to animals. In the cow section of the menu, you will find the "cow barn with feeding robot" on the end of the selection list.

At $772,500 in price, this is definitely a luxury item. You definitely get plenty of bang for your buck though, as you'll find out in this guide.

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BETTER THAN THIS: The autofeed barn is lightyears ahead of the other barns in-game

If you have the funds and the space, you can place the barn wherever you want to.

Next up, you need to get the cows into the barn. Again, this is simple enough, as you can go to the barn and add cows this way. You can also add cows manually by loading them in using a trailer.

Supplying the barn

Cows need three things to be healthy in Farming Sim 22. So, you need to ensure that hay, straw and silage are all loaded into their specific loading bays. Alternatively, you can use mineral feed for the barn.

And that's pretty much it. The robots within the barn keep things going from there. You just need to make sure that the barn gets a steady and plentiful supply of food and your cows will be healthy forever.

Video tutorial

If you're more of a visual learner than someone who is better reading their tutorials, don't worry. Farmer Cop has you covered as ever with a handy YouTube video tutorial to take you through the autofeed cow barn:

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