Farming Simulator 22 Bees: Complete guide, honey, keeping, and more

We have no shame in saying that we're having a lot of fun with Farming Simulator 22. Since its release earlier this month, we've poured a lot of hours in to ensure we make the best possible guides for you.

Today we bring you everything you need to know about bees in Farming Sim 22. From honey to storage, it's not as straightforward as you'd think keeping these flying insects on your land. Here's our ultimate guide to beekeeping in FS 22.

Keeping them safe

The first thing you need to do to install bees in your farm is create a home for them. If you're on PC, press P on the keyboard to go to the game's store. Then, go to the three lines and the bottom and hit construction. From there, go to animals and then bees.

Farming simulator 22 bees
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LOCK STOCK: There are some huge beehives you can install in FS 22

There are several different size beehives and which one you should choose depends on your farm and finances. The cheapest and smallest costs $1,100 with the largest, a whopping $19,000 to install per unit. You can install as many hives as you want and the more you install, the more potential yield of honey your farm will have.

You need to make sure that you purchase a beehive pot location as well. This is a tile that will spawn pallets of honey once enough time has passed. The larger your beehives, the faster this will collect. You will likely need to get a vehicle to move it though, as it's too heavy to get workers or yourself to transport it by hand.

Bees with benefits

The most direct benefit to the beehives is the honey that they produce. However, there are some secondary bonuses that you can accrue from these yellow and black insects. Crops such as canola, sunflowers and potato, have a larger yield when they're within a certain range of beehives.

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BIGGER THE BETTER: The larger your beehives, the more crops will benefit from them

This yield bonus is determined by whether your beehive is within a certain range of the crop in question. For example, the smallest hive only gives this bonus for crops within 25 metres, but the largest stretches out to 150 metres.

As for the honey, you can sell it via the main menu's sell option. You can take it to places like the cereal factory to help produce cereals as well, and this is a more lucrative option in most cases.

Video tutorial

As always, Farmer Cop has you covered with a video tutorial if you're more of a visual learner when it comes to these sorts of things:

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