Farming Simulator 22 Biogas plant: complete BGA guide - Power generation, digestate, & more

Farming Simulator 22 is bigger and better than any of its predecessors. The sheer variety of income streams that are available to players is incredible, there's so much to sink your teeth into. Many players won't even be aware of some facilities like the Biogas plant.

If there's something your farm produces, even if it's a by-product, there's a profit to be made. That's where the BGA comes into its own, as it turns the gas made by your livestock into energy and, by extension, cold, hard cash. So, how do you get a BGA in your farm? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Finding the BGA

The easiest way to find a BGA to purchase is to find one on the map you're playing on. However, you might not have one there, as it's randomly allocated to the map. If you do have one though, travel to it, go up to the spanner icon up front and buy it if you have enough money.

What's different about the BGA is that you can sell a pre-placed one after you've bought it. However, the issue then is that you cannot buy it back later down the line.

Farming Simualtor 22 bga biogas
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BUY IT OR MAKE IT: If there isn't a BGA on your map, you'll have to make one

The other way to purchase a BGA is to go into the build mode within the game and create your own. Go to production, then facilities and scroll until you find the BGA's. There are three types: 99kw, 250kw and 500kw. Choose the one which is right for your budget and the farm's needs. The most expensive costs over $1m, so be wary of that.

How to run the BGA

Like any industrial process, you'll need to ensure that the correct resources go into the plant to make it work. Fortunately for you, the BGA takes plenty. Silage, cut beets, slurry and manure can all be repurposed through the Biogas plant. As a result, the plant outputs electrical power, methane or digestate depending on the settings you run.

The power produced automatically gets sold to the power grid and you receive a cash amount for it for every in-game hour. Digestate is handy for either making fertiliser or selling for a profit.

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ALL PART OF THE PROCESS: The right things need to be fed into this facility to ensure smooth operation

As usual with these plants, you'll need to specify which type of production you want your facility to carry out. What you feed in also affects which product gets produced and how much:

  • For 840 litres of silage, you get 756 units of power, methane and 252 litres of digestate.
  • 200 litres of slurry or manure makes 180 units of power, methane and 60 litres of digestate.
  • Cut beets makes 90 units of power, methane and 30 litres of digestate from 100 litres.

Keep in mind, these figures are for the smallest 99kw facility, these values are multiplied for the larger plants.

When it comes to the settings of production, storage automatically puts whatever you produce into the facility's storage. Selling sets the facility to automatically sell any produce to the highest bidder, but you will suffer a 40% delivery fee from whatever you sell.

Electricity is automatically sold when it's produced, and the money goes straight into your account.

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