Farming Simulator 22 Cereal Factory: Complete guide - Production, selling, & more

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a staple of that is cereal. Farming Simulator 22 allows you to capitalise on that, with cereal factories being available in-game. How do you find or purchase these, though? And what do you need to run them? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Where to find or buy

Depending on the map that you're playing, you may not have to build a cereal factory to use one. Sometimes they are spawned into the map, so have a look around first before building one. If there is one, you can purchase it by going up to the spanner icon outside the front of the building.

Be aware though, if you buy the cereal factory using this method, you cannot sell it later down the line.

Farming Simualtor 22 cereal factory
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THE POWERHOUSE: This is where the magic happens for cereals

The alternative to this is that you can buy a cereal factory from the in-game store. To find the cereal factory, you go to the build menu, then production, then factories. The cereal factory is listed here for $110,000.


So, now you've got your cereal factory, you need to feed it the right items to get cereal. Inputting oats, honey, raisins and corn will give the factory what it needs to output cereal.

Farming Simulator 22 Reisch Pack Mod 1
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LOADING UP: You'll need a lot of raw material to produce the cereal that the factory is capable of

As for the ratios and amounts for input and output, there is only one that concerns the cereal factory. For every 30 litres of honey and raisins and every 60 litres of corn and oats, you get 60 litres of cereal. This cycle will repeat every 20 minutes, or three times per hour. Cereal factories cannot produce anything else.

Selling cereal

What happens to your cereal once you've produced it depends on which setting you have your factory configured. If you have it set to storage, the cereal will be stored until that capacity limit has been reached.

If you have the factory set to sell, it will sell the cereal on the open market for the highest price available. Be aware though, there will be a 40% delivery fee deducted from any sales you make, so if you can, you should manually sell your cereal yourself.

Farming Simulator 22 spinnery tailor 3
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OFF IT GOES: You can sell your cereal to a number of vendors to get a real cash flow going

Cereal cannot be used in any further production, it's the end of the line for it effectively.

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