Farming Simulator 22 Corn and Sunflowers: Complete guide - how to grow, sell, & more

Farming Simulator 22 Corn and Sunflowers

Farming Simulator 22 Corn and Sunflowers

Choices are aplenty for what to grow in your fields in Farming Simulator 22. There are so many in fact that it's easy to forget about some. Corn and sunflowers both fit into this category, as they aren't the most obvious crops to grow.

How do you get the most out of corn and sunflowers in Farming Simulator 2022? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Field preparation

Ensuring that your soil is healthy and ready to be used is a vital part of farming. For corn and sunflower seeds, this isn't any different. Those that have the "periodic plowing" feature enabled, will need to check the map for if your field needs ploughing. If it does, it'll be highlighted red, if not, you're good to go in this regard.

If you do need to plough, tools such as ploughs and subtoolers will do the job if you attach it to a decent tractor.

Farming Simualtor 22 field
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MADE WITH LOVE AND CARE: Before you plant, you need to ensure your soil is up to the job

Next up in soil prep is liming. Again, if liming isn't enabled in the settings, you don't need to worry about this. You can check to see if your field needs to be limed by going to the map in the pause menu. If it does need to be limed, use a fertiliser spreader such as the Bredal K165 to go over the field.

You can buy lime either from the store or the lime point on the map.


Once your field has been properly ploughed and limed, you'll need to get planting. Despite sunflowers and corn being seeds, you'll need a planter to do this job, not a seeder. Seeds can be purchased in the store in the form of a big bag or a pallet. This will give you a variety of seeds, not just sunflower and corn, but that's not to worry.

When you get in your tractor with the planter, you can select which seed you want to distribute. The planting is simple enough, but you need to make sure you do so at the right time of the year. Like before though, that's only if you have seasons enabled, if you don't, you'll be fine.

Farming Simulator 22 vineyards grapes
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THE RACE IS ON: Once planting has been complete, the race to grow before winter is on

If you do have seasons enabled though, you'll need to plant sunflowers between March and April and corn between April and May. As for harvesting, both corn and sunflowers are best between October and November.

Something you need to be aware of is weeds, as these can damage your crop yield. Your yield can be decreased by up to 20% if you don't regularly weed the soil. On the map, you can check to see if your field has weeds in it by whether it shows up pink once that filter is applied.

Finally, making sure your field is fertilised can add a massive bonus to your yield come the autumn. This is even more so if it's double fertilised. You can apply fertiliser even after the field has been seeded.

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For harvesting, you can choose whichever harvester you want to use, as long as it can harvest both sunflower and corn. These are pricey, as some cost around half a million dollars. But, they will pay for themselves pretty quickly. However, if your wallet is a little light, you can always loan the equipment for the harvest then give it back.

Farming Simulator 22 harvest
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FRUITS OF YOUR LABOUR: Once the harvest begins, it'll all be worth it

You also need to have the correct header for the tractor too. Again, go into the shop and find a header such as the Capello Helianthus 120000 and buy it. Any header that will work with corn and/or sunflowers will do for this job though.

The harvesting itself is pretty simple, you just need to remember to offload your produce to a trailer when the storage within your harvester is full.

Uses for sunflower and corn

You've now got your sunflowers and corn, but what do you do with it after it's been harvested? Well, the first thing you could do is sell them on the market. If you don't think these prices are worth it though, you can wait it out, as the prices on the market do fluctuate over time and throughout the year.

Farming simulator 22 oil grain mill
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TO THE FACTORY! Both of these crops can be utilised in other means of production

Sunflowers and corn can both be stored in a silo for an unlimited amount of time, so there's no rush to get rid of them.

However, if you have the means of production, sunflowers and corn can be used to turn into something else. Sunflowers can be used to make sunflower oil, while corn is one of the ingredients for cereal.

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