Farming Simulator 22: Erlengrat location, features, & more!

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We're getting ever closer to the release of the next Farming Simulator title, Farming Simulator 22.

With content reveals increasing slightly as we approach the date, we've started to get our first look at the maps. This time, it's Erlengrat.

So, let's take a closer look at the location now, and what features players can expect when playing there!

Erlengrat location

This is the latest map location announced for Farm Sim 22. It comes after the Haut-Beyleron trailer that we also received recently.

This time, the Erlengrat location is supposed to represent the European Alpine regions. As such, be ready for some incredible visuals when playing here.

The landscape is idyllic, and according to the trailer description, "perfect for grassland care and animal husbandry". This will give you a chance to experience all that the latest will have to offer.

As you can see from the trailer, we really weren't kidding about the stunning location!

Haut Beyleron

The other location which we've already seen is Haut-Beyleron, and it looks equally as captivating for players.

Whilst less wintery (don't worry, the game does in fact have seasons), the map still has influences from the Alps and the south-west of France. This means you'll have the best that Southern France has to offer in this location.

Farm Sim 22 release date

After many months of waiting, we finally have a confirmed release date.

Excitingly, that release date is just a few days away, on November 22. This should give you plenty of time to read through all of our Farm Sim content on here and get aptly excited for the release of the next instalment!

If you're yet to take a closer look at the new game, we've got everything you need to know about Farm Sim 22 in one place.

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