Farming Simulator 22 Guidance Steering: GPS complete guide - modding, enabling, harvesting, & more

Technology and farming technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few decades. This hasn't escaped the attention of GIANTS Software either, as they've introduced modern gadgets and gizmos into Farming Simulator 22. One of these developments is guidance steering, a.k.a. GPS, which can really help you out while working the fields.

Thanks to a mod created by the FS22 community, you can now plant and harvest using the help of satellite navigation. Keep in mind, you can only do this on the PC or Mac versions of the game. Those on other consoles like PS4 and Xbox One will have to wait for a modder to create this add-on feature for your consoles.

Installing & settings

Before using GPS, you first have to make sure that it properly downloaded and installed onto your game. To find out how to do this, check out our complete mod installation guide for FS22. Once you've done this, boot up your save and go into your garage of tractors. For there, you can now see a new option, whether to enable GPS or not.

Farming Simulator 22 Reisch Pack Mod
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LOADING CORRECTLY: You'll need to download and install the mod correctly before going any further in FS22

The GPS mod does mean that if you were to buy a new tractor with this add-on, it will cost an extra $15,000. When you step into your vehicle, to activate GPS, you need to press "left alt" and "C". You'll notice that the top two of the three new icons are now highlighted blue.

GPS settings

Next up, you need to go into the GPS menu, which can be opened by pressing Ctrl+S. There will be several options that pop up and you'll start by enabling guidance steering. The rest are optional, but we recommend at least showing the lines of where you'll be travelling.

Line offset sets how high off the ground the GPS line is. Snap terrain angle automatically sets the line to go out as far as the end of your current terrain e.g., the field you're ploughing. Offset reversal automatically offsets the angle to the reverse of what it was originally, i.e. if you're ploughing a field, the GPS will offset the plough when coming back the opposite way.

Farming Simualtor 22 field
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ON THE RIGHT PATH: The most efficient way to harvest is with GPS

Headland management, when set to stop, will automatically stop the vehicle before getting to the end of the current terrain. You can also set how far back you want the vehicle to stop.

The GPS menu is intelligent in that it automatically knows the dimensions of your vehicle and the current devices you have added to it. For peace of mind though, if you want to change this manually, you can.

Setting a GPS course

The easiest way to set a course using GPS is to manually create an A-B route. You can do this by driving over to your intended start and end points. Pressing left alt + E twice creates the start point and doing so again when you're at your end point. Keep in mind, these points must be over 15m apart.

Farming Simulator 22
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RIDING ALONG NICELY: GPS seriously improves the efficiency of your harvesting, when used correctly

There are different methods for plotting these routes though, and another is known as the A+ method. A+ headings assume which way you're heading using a predictive GPS line. This more often than not matches up with the way you're intending to go and if it does, you can press left alt + x for the tractor to latch onto it.

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