Farming Simulator 22 Horses: Complete guide to buying, selling, stables & more

Farming is about much more than planting and harvesting crops. That's certainly the case with Farming Simulator 22, as livestock of all kinds are an important and lucrative venture. Today we'll be covering horses in Farming Sim 22 and how to make the most of them.

Stables and buying horses

The first thing you need to do is ensure that your horses have stables to live in. If you're on PC, press P to go to the game's store then press construction. From there, go to animals and then horses where you'll find all of the stables that are available.

The cheapest and smallest stable is $55,000, while the largest and most expensive is $125,000. Which one is best for you depends on your budget and what the needs of your farm is.

Farming Simulator 22 horses
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STEADY AWAY: You want to make sure that your horses have somewhere comfortable to live

You have your stables, now it's time to fill them with horses. There are a few options when it comes to buying them though. The first is the cheapest and the most labourious. If you haven't already got one, head to the animal transport menu and choose one of either the $16k or $22k trailers. You can then drive the trailer over to the animal dealer, which can be found using FS22's map, buy your horses and take them back to the stables.

Option two is to buy the horses using the animal dealer in the menu. The issue with this is that it costs $300 per horse to deliver them, but you do have that process completed for you.


Once you've got your horses, you need to look after them but doing so isn't so difficult. When you buy your horses, they will come with all of their status bars at 0, except for cleanliness, which will be at 100%. Health will go up as the other bars go up, while fitness and daily riding will increase if you ride your horses daily.

Riding the horses regularly is easy enough to do. You need to walk over to the horse you'll get a prompt to ride the horse (E on PC). You'll need to ride the horse to 100% to get the most out of riding them. This is also a good way to move horses around between different pens.

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Riding the horses will decrease their cleanliness, but you just need to remember to clean them regularly to counteract this. You clean horses by going up to them and pressing left on the mouse (PC). The horses will need straw in their stables to be comfortable, but this can easily be added by harvesting or buying the crop.

Horses require two kinds of food, base food and hay. Their base food is made up of oats and sorghum. Finally, if you have a pasture rather than stables, you will have to provide water manually to the horses. To add water manually, transport it using a water tanker trailer and dump it into enclosure.

Selling horses

Ensuring that your horses are healthy will increase their condition and allow you to sell them for more money. You sell horses in the same way in which you buy them, either through the menu or via the animal dealer.

Travelling to the animal dealer directly saves you money in terms of collecting them, so this is advisable even though it's more time consuming.

Video tutorial

Some of us prefer to read, while others learn better when seeing someone carry out what they want to learn. If you're the latter, Farmer Cop has you covered with this video:

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