Farming Simulator 22: How to add new fields to your farm - Full tutorial/guide

It's finally here, Farming Simulator 22 has landed this week! There are a lot of new features and things to learn in Farm Sim 22, even for the experienced players. Something that has changed ever so slightly from previous games is the process of adding new fields to your land.

For the new players as well, this is something that could easily pass you by but is vital to scaling up and increasing your revenue. Here's the full guide to expanding your territory in Farming Sim 22!

Full tutorial

The best - and only, as far as we can tell - way to get a new field is to plough and existing one until you get into another. Go to the store and then go to "Plows" and attach one to the back of your vehicle. If you're on PC, press the Y key to lower the plough and you can make a new field by ploughing the land.

You don't have to be spot on with your ploughing either, as you can paint on the edges of the field using the paint tool. Of course, it helps to be smooth, but it's not essential. You can paint on these grass sections, by going to landscape, landscaping then painting and choose grass.

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MORE TO PLAY WITH: The more fields, the merrier

Just keep in mind that this guide is for the base vanilla game, i.e. without any mods installed.

And that's it! You've got a lot of land to play with in Farming Simulator and plenty of time to make it all usable. Just ensure that you don't expand too quickly, as otherwise, you've got a lot of wasted land just sitting there.

Video tutorial

If you prefer to learn using a video as your guide, YouTube user Farmer Cop has you covered with this tutorial:

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