Farming Simulator 22 Methane & electric vehicles: Complete guide - Where to buy, how to power, & more

The future is on the horizon. With climate change a topic that we must address now, technology and car manufacturers are coming up with more solutions to the issues that we're facing. Farming isn't exempt from this either, as alternative fuels are being utilise to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

A great way to reduce its carbon footprint is to seek out vehicles that run using methane or electric motors. Farming Simulator 22 has this feature as well, as some of its library of vehicles run on sources other than diesel. Here's everything you need to know about them!

Finding alternatively-fuelled vehicles

There are only a grand total of five electric and methane-powered vehicles in Farm Sim 22. So, it's very easy to miss them if you don't know where to look. You can of course add more in using the modding feature within FS22, but the base game only contains a handful of them.

For methane-powered vehicles, there's only one. The New Holland TK4.80 methane power costs $57,500 and can be found in the small tractors section of the store.

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GREEN TOOL FOR A GREEN JOB: These vehicles don't harm the environment they're working in

That leaves four electric-powered vehicles, the first being the Rigitrac SKE 50 electric. This is also found in small tractors and costs $49,500. The rest of the electric vehicles are loaders rather than tractors. There's the Schaffer 23E, Faresin 6.26 Classic 52, and Jungheinrich EFG 550, all costing between $50,500 and $72,000.

Fuelling up

Alternative fuels means that you need alternative methods to power these vehicles. You can't just go to the petrol station like you normally would, there are other ways you need to go about this. You need to install refill stations of your own, for both methane and electricity.

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NOTHING TO DO WITH IT: The Biogas facility doesn't have anything to do with the refill stations.

You can buy these going into the in-game store by pressing shift+P on PC. From there, you go to construction, then tools and scroll until you find both of these. To charge/ refill your vehicles you need to drive your vehicle close to these stations and press R to refill.

Lastly, don't assume that the Biogas production facility has anything to do with the methane station. The methane station will always have enough methane for you to use, you cannot use the BGA to get it cheaper.

Video tutorial

If you're more of a visual learner than a reading learner, don't worry, we've got you covered. Farmer Cop has this handy YouTube guide to help you out when looking for these vehicles:

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