Farming Simulator 22 Mods: 5 best mods available in-game, government subsidy, & more

Farming Simulator 22 has been so much fun to enjoy since it became available to players last month. Despite how little time the game has been out, modifications are already abundant for FS22. We've already covered how to get mods installed in Farm Sim 22, but which are the best?

Here are our picks for the five most useful in FS22!

1 - Government Subsidy

The Government Subsidy mod might as well be called the "unlimited money mod" because that's basically what it is. This mod installs two signs onto your farm. The first of which gives you $100,000 per year, a.k.a. the municipal subsidy. The second is the government subsidy, which sends a cool $100m to your bank account.

Farming simulator 22 oil grain mill
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CASH INJECTION: This mod will allow you to

The $100k per year is realistic as during a bad harvest year or poor economic circumstances, governments could step-in to offer a scheme like this. The $100m is a bit silly and is more akin to the takeover of a professional football club. However, it does allow players to have a bit of fun without worrying about the financial repercussions.

If that sounds like something that you'd like to get a piece of, it's available on the FS22 website for all to download for free.

2 - Sleep anywhere

Sleeping has its uses in FS22. For one, it allows time to advance, which is particularly handy now that seasons are now enabled. The only issue is that the places you can sleep in FS22 are limited. The only place to do so is your home, but the sleep anywhere mod changes all that.

The Sleep Anywhere mod is available to download on FS22's website.

Farming simulator 22 bees
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LAY YOUR WEARY HEAD TO REST: With this mod, you can sleep anywhere in the game

3 - Mobile workshop

Accessibility to facilities like your workshop makes a huge difference to the amount of time you need to invest into the game. Like sleeping, you need to physically be at your workshop to use it. However, the mobile workshop mod changes all that.

Farming simulator 22 workshop
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ANYWHERE I GO: Your workshop travels with you with this mod

As the name suggests, you'll be able to use your workshop via the pause menu wherever you on the map. This one is also available on the FS22 website.

4 - Reisch Pack

The Reisch Pack adds three new trailers to FS22. This might not sound like much, but each of these trailers fits different load sizes and pretty much cover anything you could need to transport in-game. The Reisch Pack is available on the Farming Simulator 22 website.

Farming Simulator 22 Reisch Pack Mod 1
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CARRYING YOU HOME: These trailers are very handy for transporting your goods

5 - PlayerActionCamera

The PlayerActionCamera upgrades your amateur camera to a professional one. The PAC allows you to change the in-game camera's field of view (FOV) using your mouse, which really helps capture some beautiful photos. This one is available on the game's website too.

Farming Simulator 22 vineyards grapes
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BEAUTIFUL VISTAS: You can capture some amazing photos with this mod
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