Farming Simulator 22 Pigs: Complete guide to breeding, storing, slurry, & more

Farming Simulator 22 is a game that we can't get enough of. You can spend dozens of hours designing and optimising your land to make the best possible farm and it doesn't get old. Livestock are an important revenue stream for your farm as long as you utilise them correctly.

Today we're looking at pigs, which are a great way to make money in FS22. Here's our ultimate guide to pigs in Farming Sim 22.

Buying pigs

Head over to the store, then go to the construction tab. Then, go to animals and select pigs. There are three pens to choose from, ranging from $28,000 to $164,000. The smallest pen holds 30 pigs, while the largest can store up to 210 of them. Which pen is best for your farm depends on your finances and the amount of land you have to play with.

Farming Simulator 22 pigs
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THIS LITTLE PIGGY IN THE MARKET: Before you do anything, you need to buy the pigs for the farm

There are several ways to purchase pigs, but we'll describe the best and easiest of them to you. Go to the store and select "Animal Transport" and buy the Silverstar for $80,000. The Silverstar can hold 36 pigs at a time to transport them to your farm. If that's too expensive as well, you can lease the Silverstar instead of buying it.

There are other ways to transport pigs into your farm, including using the animal dealer. These are more expensive though, because of the transport fee of $50 per pig.

Feeding your pigs

Once you've purchased your pigs, you need to ensure they remain healthy, and productive so you get a return on your investment. If you go over to the Animal menu, you can see stats on how your pigs are doing. If you've just bought the pigs, don't be alarmed if the bars are all really low, these will rise as long as you install the correct feeding facilities etc...

As long as the other bars are going up, the health, reproduction and productivity bars will rise by themselves. For the food, all four of base food, grain, protein and root crops need to be at 100% for productivity to also be at 100%.

Farming Simulator 22 harvest
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FEEDING THE MACHINE: Pigs need a lot of food to keep healthy

Base food requires corn/sorghum, grain needs wheat/barely, protein comes from soybeans/canola/sunflowers and finally root crops is sustained by providing potatoes/sugar beet. This may seem like a lot to get your head around, but there is a very easy step to sustaining all four of these for your pigs.

You can buy pig food from the store and load that into the pig enclosures. This is more expensive than using four lots of food items for the pigs, but it a lot more time effective. If you've got money to spend, you may as well go for the pig feed from the store.

Quality of life for pigs

There are some more aspects to looking after your pigs. This includes providing straw bedding is also something you need to make sure goes into your pig enclosures. If you have the pig pasture, this isn't something to worry about. For the other types though, you need to ensure that either loose straw or bales of straw are supplied for the floor here.

Farming Simulator 22 2
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FIELDS OF WHEAT: The harvest is on to feed your livestock

Lastly, water is taken care of by the pigsties themselves. If you have a pig pasture though, you'll need to get water to your pigs manually. To do this, go to the store, then animals and choose one of the water transporters to suit your needs and budget.

Then, take the trailer to a water source, whether it's natural or a water container that you've placed. The water then needs to be poured into the pig pen, so drive up and load it in.


Pigs have multiple items that get produced from them in Farming Sim 22. The first is slurry, which you can collect using a slurry tank which can be purchased from the store. The slurry can be used as fertiliser for your fields or can be sold to make money.

Selling the pigs themselves is the most profitable to income from pigs though. Pigs reproduce fast, so selling the ones you can't hold is a good way to go about increasing your revenue. As far as we can tell, there isn't a way to harvest nor sell the meat you can get from pigs in the real world.

Video tutorial

There's a lot to get your head around here, so it's understandable if visually learning would be better for you. Farmer Cop has you covered as always with a video tutorial for pigs in FS22:

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