Farming Simulator 22 Potatoes: Complete guide - How to grow, sell, store & more

'Tis the season to farming. Farming Simulator 22 has seriously impressed us this year, so much so that we've named it as one of the best PC racing games of 2021. We're going to have fun with this one for a long time, as there's so much content to get through.

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One of the many crops you can grow in the game is a staple of farming, the trusty potato. Potatoes are a relatively easy and profitable crop to grow in Farming Sim 22. We're here to show you all the ins and outs in our complete guide!

Field prep

Before you plant your potatoes, you need to ensure the field you're going to put them in is ready. If you have the "Periodic plowing" setting enabled, you'll need to make sure your field has been properly ploughed. On the map, if your field is showing up red, it has not been ploughed properly.

Farming Simualtor 22 field
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GET OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT: You'll need to make sure that your field is properly ploughed before plating any seeds

Next up, if you've got the "Lime required" setting enabled, you may need to lime your field. If the field is showing up in a light blue colour on the map, you need to lime the field.

These are not absolutely essential things to do, but they will impact how good your yield is from the harvest.


This is where things can get tricky when it comes to potatoes. If you have "Seasonal Growth" enabled, you need to plant the potatoes at the right time of the year, otherwise, they won't grow. For potatoes, you plant them between March to April and harvest them between August and September.

Most planters will not be able to plant potatoes, so you need one of the right ones. If you don't already have one, head to the store, then tools. From there, go to Potato Technology and choose whichever planter you want.

Farming Simulator 22 2
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THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB: You'll need to make sure you have a planter that can do the job you need it to

The planters vary in price from $46,000 to just over $200,000 and require a variety of different tractors to be able to pull them. A cool thing about potatoes as well is that you can recycle some potatoes from the previous harvest to grow this year's harvest. As for the potato seeds, you buy these either in a big bag or on a pallet to load up.

Also make sure that you fertilise the field as well, as this will provide a boost to your harvest numbers when the time comes. There's both solid and liquid fertiliser available via the store and a plethora of fertilisers to spread it with.


Harvesting is a tricky business at times in FS22, as you don't want to destroy the crops so soon after they've grown. When you're harvesting the potatoes, you should fit narrower tyres to your tractor's wheels to prevent this from happening. If you have crop destruction turned off though, you don't need to worry about this.

Farming Simulator 22 harvest
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AWAY THEY GO: Harvesting takes some time, but it's worth it when you see the money rolling in

You'll also need to remove the foliage that has grown alongside the potatoes in the field. Harvesters like the Grimme Ventor 4150 will harvest and plant potatoes at the same time for you. However, this vehicle doesn't come cheaply, so make sure you can afford it.

Once you've collected your potatoes, there are a few things you can do with them. Like most crops, you can sell them using the in-game market. Either that, you can store them in a train silo if you want to sell them further down the line.

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