Farming Simulator 22 Spinnery & Tailor shop: Complete guide - production, selling & more

Farming Simulator 22 isn't a guilty pleasure, because we feel no shame in saying that we're enjoying it. There is a lot to learn for this year's game, even if you've played previous iterations of Farming Sim.

The spinnery and tailor are fantastic ways to make a lot of money for your farm. Both are involved with the production line of fabrics and clothing, but making the most of them isn't as straightforward as you may think.

Where are these factories?

Each map is unique to the player in Farming Simulator 22. Every sandbox that you have to play with is randomly generated when you start your save. So, because of this, some players will have the spinnery and tailor shop on the map somewhere and others won't.

Either way, this isn't an issue, because if you don't have them (or can't find them), you can create them. If you do find them though, all you need to do to purchase them is go to the spanner icon outside of them and press R to buy it. Beware though, if you buy a pre-made factory, you won't be able to sell it later on.

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STARTING ON A CLEAN SLATE: If you don't have these facilities on your map, make them instead

To create a factory, you need to go to the store and then construction, and production. There are a lot of different facilities here, but you'll be able to find both the spinnery and tailor shop by scrolling through the options.

There is one tailor available to built and two types of spinnery. The spinneries are $60,000 each, while the tailor shop is $100,000.


The purpose of these factories is that you can provide them with materials, and they will output products over time. The spinnery requires cotton and/or wool and will give you fabric in return. The tailor shop then uses this fabric to produce clothes which can be sold to shops.

To determine what should be made, you need to head over to your production chains menu. You'll be able to see all of your factories on there, so be sure to head over to the spinnery first. Going to the spinnery will show you that you get 30 litres of fabric for every 60L of wool. For cotton, it's 36L of fabric for every 60L. This cycle repeats every 30 minutes.

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THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION: You can make a lot of produce with the size of this factory

You can transport the wool and cotton to the spinnery using a harvester or trailer. Once you've got the raw materials in, you need to activate the factory and it'll produce fabric for collection in the yellow and black area if you've set it to storage.

If you've set the factory to sell, it will automatically sell the fabric to the highest bidder. The issue there is though, that you only get 60% of the full amount, as there's a 40% delivery fee that's charged. You can sell the fabric yourself, but if you have a tailor shop, you're best off doing something else with it.

Tailor shop

If you have the spinnery set to distributing, the fabric will automatically be sent to the tailor shop. This is the case as long as you own one, but if you don't, the fabric will just default to go into storage.

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START OF SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL: Making clothes for the masses is something that can make a lot of money for the farm

For the tailor shop, 90 litres of fabric gets turned into 45L of clothing. The options for what to do with these clothes are the same as the spinnery with the fabric. Storage sends the clothes out front so that you can do whatever you want with them later.

Selling sells the clothes to the highest bidder, but you'll again be charged 40% for delivery. Selling manually makes a boat load of money as well, as one pallet of clothes can be sold to a supermarket for almost $16,000.

Video tutorial

Some of us prefer to read, others prefer to watch. Don't worry though, Farmer Cop as always has us covered with another video guide for these facilities:

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