Farming Simulator 22: Unlimited Money for ALL platforms - PlayStation, Xbox, PC!

Farming Simulator 22 is now here, and the latest instalment in the franchise is a massive hit with new and old fans alike.

The newest game has introduced a number of new features, as well as made improvements on an array of existing ones.

So, let’s take a look now at how we can get unlimited money in the game for those looking for a slightly easier way to play!

Unlimited Money - All platforms

Now, for those looking to ease their way into the farming simulator way of life with a little less stress, we have a method of getting unlimited money.

FS22 PS4 2
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To do this, you'll need to start a new save in the game in multiplayer mode. Choose any empty slot and select Farm Manager mode. Once you've picked your map, the game should be created and you'll load in.

Create your character and go into the menu and hit create farm. Do this until you've filled all the farm slots, and save the game. Next, end the game and restart it.

This time, enter into singleplayer and find the save. Now, you will have all the money combined into a single farm. If you go back into multiplayer again and enter the same save, you can keep doing this!

Unlimited money - PC only

Open up file explorer and navigate to documents. From here, select My Games -> Farming Simulator 22.

Next, click any save game you wish to alter. In here, scroll down to the farms .xml file.

At the top of this file, you should see the characters money="x". You can alter the figure inside the quotations mark to be any amount of money you'd like.

Video Guide

If you're still confused or need a little extra help, Farmer Cop has made this awesome video to help you guys!

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