GENSOU Skydrift: Release date, gameplay, courses, characters, PS5, & more!

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This lovingly crafted, fan-made racer is coming to PlayStation soon, after over a year of Nintendo Switch and Steam exclusivity.

With a number of different gamemodes to play, including online multiplayer, it's clear to see why it's getting a PlayStation port!

So, let's take a look at GENSOU Skydrift now, and when we can play it on PlayStation!

Release Date

The game initially released for Nintendo Switch all the way back in December of 2019.

However, now, the studio behind the game have confirmed that it is coming to PlayStation also.

Releasing for both PS4 and PS5 through backwards compatibility, the game is coming to PS on March 9. This is exciting for owners of the console who want to get hands-on with the racer!


There are three main modes in GENSOU Skydrift. One of them is Story Mode, which takes you through an incredible narrative.

Skydrift 1
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CHARACTERS: There are a number of different playable characters!

The other two are Time Attack, where you battle for your best lap times, and finally, online multiplayer in Versus Mode.

The game itself has you racing around as a duo, one as the vehicle, and one as the driver. Each has unique abilities, so you can switch around the role of driver and vehicle to master the corners and circuits as you see fit!

New Content

Excitingly, with this new PlayStation release, the developers of the game are releasing some exciting new content for players.

Skydrift 2
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ADDITIONS: With the PS version, new content is coming to the game!

This includes two new characters and two new courses, all of which will now be available on the Steam and Switch versions also.

Players will receive the awesome Heavens Course and Redevelopment Area B. They will also get the Touhou characters Alice Margatroid and Rin Kaenbyou as playable characters.

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