GRID Legends Pre-order: Where to buy, PS5, Series X, price, editions, release date, & more

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Codemasters are starting 2022 with a bang, as GRID Legends is just a few months away from launching. We're really hyped for the return of this racing series, as it's been three years since we last saw it. Thanks to a recent gameplay demo as well, pre-orders are now live for GRID Legends.

So, where can we pre-order GRID Legends and how much will it cost? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Pre-orders are live!

Codies and EA definitely didn't disappoint when it came to the recent gameplay video that was released for GRID Legends. A whopping 40 minutes of the Driven to Glory was released on the official GRID YouTube channel and you can view it all below:

GRID director Chris Smith also revealed that pre-orders for GRID Legends are now live. This is the case for every console that the game is being released on, so now is the time to place your order!

Standard edition

There are two versions of GRID Legends that are available to pre-order. The first is the standard edition, but even this comes with some bonus extras that you won't get if you buy after the game's release.

GRID Legends Porsche 962C
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THE CHAMPIONS: You'll get exclusive Ravenwest racing content if you pre-order the game

The standard edition includes a Ravenwest and Seneca Legends Double Pack for you to open when you first boot up the game.

If you're playing on PlayStation or Xbox as well, you'll also be able to buy Legends for both the current and next-gen consoles of those brands. For example, if you buy the PS4 version of GRID Legends, you'll also automatically own the PS5 version via a download as well.

Deluxe edition

The deluxe edition is the most comprehensive edition of GRID Legends that's available to gamers. This comes with all of the extras you could want, including those which come with the standard edition.

Furthermore, you'll also receive a Voltz Legends pack in addition to the other Legends packs you get in the standard edition.

GRID Legends aston martin
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AS GOOD AS IT GETS: GRID Legends' Deluxe Edition has everything you could possibly want from a GRID game

On top of that, the Mechanics Pass will also be available to you. The Mechanics Pass will multiply the mileage that you accumulate through racing your cars so that upgrades become available to you quicker.

Finally, there will be four post-launch expansions that you'll get to access to on the release date of GRID Legends. When these will become available to every GRID player and what they entail is currently unknown, but we're excited to see what's in store for us.

It's also pretty safe to assume that any further expansions will also be available early for those that have purchased the Deluxe Edition.


The price of GRID Legends varies depending on the console and the version you're purchasing. For console, the standard edition costs £59.99 in the UK. That is the same for all retailers in this country and doesn't matter whether you're buying on PlayStation or Xbox.

GRID Legends London
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PARTY IN THE UK! These are the prices and options that are available in the UK for GRID Legends

The standard edition will set you back a slightly cheaper £49.99 on PC. This is the same for both Origin and Steam.

As for the Deluxe Edition, this costs £79.99 on console and £69.99 on PC. Again, this doesn't vary depending on the consoles brand, nor the PC service provider you're using.

Release date

GRID Legends is set to launch on 25th February on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X, as well as Windows PC. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, which shows a lot of the highly-anticipated Career Mode, we've linked it down below for you to check it out:

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