GRID Legends Tracks: Full list CONFIRMED - Paris, Dubai, Paris, Chicago, and more

The launch of GRID Legends is so close, as the game coming out this week! GRID Legends will take the series in a new direction and that will also include new circuits to race on.

We've seen in both the reveal presentation and the gameplay demos that things are being changed up hugely for Legends. Which circuits have been confirmed so far, though? Codematers have now revealed the full list, and we've got everything you need to know right here!

Take to the streets

There's definitely been an emphasis on street circuits in GRID Legends. Two of the three locations which were initially revealed are out-and-out street circuits. Both Moscow and London will take in the sights and sounds of the Russian and British capitals, respectively.

Moscow and London are both new locations for GRID to visit. They drive home how the GRID World Championships will be a key element to the story. This is the same for the globetrotting element of the game, as this will be a true world championship.

GRID Legends London
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LONDON CALLING: Legends goes to the UK capital and roars right past Big Ben

It's also been confirmed that there will be a Paris circuit too. This will go around the Eifel Tower and feature ramps to jump around the French capital. The Chicago circuit also looks like a thrill-ride, as you tear around the skyscrapers of this American city.

There are also visits to Chicago, Havana, San Francisco and Dubai all confirmed. We can't wait to see how these new circuits will fit into the game's story mode.

Strada Alpina

We have to give a special mention to what was the third and final confirmed track in GRID Legends. Strada Alpina is located high in the Italian Alps and is visually stunning. The name literally means "Alpine Road" in Italian, but the track isn't just mountain passes.

Strada Alpina also has modern purpose-built circuit sections and some that tear through the local villages. There are eight variations of Strada Alpina and we can't wait to check them out. To see just how stunning Strada Alpina is, check out the latest gameplay video from the GRID YouTube channel:

Full list

Ahead of the game's launch, Codies have revealed the full list of circuits in GRID Legends. There are a total of 22 circuits, which make a massive 137 layouts:

  • Barcelona (7)
  • Brands Hatch (4)
  • Chicago City Circuit (6)
  • Crescent Valley (7)
  • Dubai City Circuit (6)
  • Havana City Circuit (7)
  • Indianapolis (8)
  • London City Circuit (6)
  • Moscow City Circuit (6)
  • Mount Panorama (2)
  • Okutama GP (6)
  • Okutama Sprint (6)
  • Paris City Circuit (6)
  • Red Bull Ring (6)
  • San Francisco City Circuit (6)
  • Sepang International Circuit (6)
  • Shanghai City Circuit (6)
  • Suzuka Circuit (6)
  • Strada Alpina (8)
  • Sydney Motorsport Park (8)
  • Yokohama Docks (8)
  • Zhejiang Circuit (6)

The numbers in brackets indicate how many variations of each circuit there are in GRID Legends.

Release date

GRID Legends is set to be released worldwide on 25th February 2022, which is this Friday! Legends will be released on the PlayStation 4, PS5, Series X, Xbox One and PC all at the same time.

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