GRID Legends Xbox: Series X, gameplay, release date, features, graphics, story, & more

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A series we didn't expect to be making a comeback in 2022 is GRID, but we're very glad it is! GRID Legends will take the franchise in a new, more story-driven direction, as shown off by the game's E3 reveal trailer. Legends has been confirmed for the next-gen consoles as well, which includes the Xbox Series X.

So, what can we expect from GRID Legends on Series X? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Latest news - First look at Driven to Glory Story

We got hands-on with GRID Legends new story mode 'Driven To Glory'. This was along with some more in-depth gameplay opportunities.

Check out what we made of the story mode below!

Release Date

When GRID Legends was officially revealed, it's fair to say we were caught off guard. We knew that Codemasters were going to reveal a new game, but we didn't know what. It turns out it was GRID Legends, which will be the first GRID game since the series' revival in 2019.

Grid legends atoms 1
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APPROACHING FAST: It's just over two months until GRID Legends launches

While it's fair to say that GRID 2019 didn't set the world alight, it was a solid entry to build on. We've also now had the news that GRID Legends will launch early next year. 25 February 2022 is the release date, so mark it in your calendars now!

Series X graphics & sound

As we've come to expect from the Series X and Codies, the presentation of the game looks gorgeous. When the cars are roaring through tunnels, for example, the reverberation of this noise is very tangible. Reflections from the puddles at night-time appear so realistic, GRID Legends looks beautiful.

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STUNNING: GRID Legends is one of the best-looking games we've seen on next-gen so far

GRID Legends also looks as though it will run at a smooth 60 fps and in glorious 4K resolution on Series X. Features such as ray tracing haven't been confirmed, but we wouldn't expect them in racing situations. For outside of racing though, ray tracing is definitely a possibility.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass has been a literal game-changer when it comes to how gamers play their video games. Instead of buying games individually, you pay a subscription fee to get so many games available to you at any time. So, the question is, will GRID Legends be on Game Pass?

GRID Legends drift
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SLOWLY DRIFTING: It may not be the fastest way to drive, but going sideways is always more fun

Well, Game Pass usually doesn't have new games included in its package. This is especially the case when they aren't developed by companies directly associated with Microsoft. Forza Horizon 5 was definitely an exception to the rule in this, but even that was a Microsoft game.

However, with Sony apparently working on their own version of Game Pass, Xbox could be forced to up their game.

Features and story

GRID Legends has evolved from an arcade racer to one with a proper story mode. Codies aren't messing around either, as top actors like Ncuti Gatwa are onboard to lend their presence to the game.

Without going into too much detail, you'll be battling with rival teams and drivers to win the GRID World Series and experience many flashpoints along the way.

Ncuti Gatwa grid legends
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NEXT LEVEL: Codies have got top name actors to lend their likeness to Legends

The GRID World Series is just that as well, as you'll be globetrotting to conquer the top motorsport series out there. Locations such as Moscow, London and the Italian Alps have all been confirmed for tracks in Legends. You'll also be able to multiclass race too, so if you want to race a truck against a supercar, you can.

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