GT Manager 24 Coming to PC

GT Manager '24 everything you need to know

GT Manager '24 everything you need to know

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For fans of the GT Manager mobile game, we have good news for you. The GT Manager series is receiving a PC port, with GT Manager ‘24 set to debut later this year.

From its features to the eventual release date, here’s everything you need to know about GT Manager ‘24.

True progression

One thing modern racing game fans always want is that feeling of progression in a racing title, and GT Manager ‘24 delivers on that. Starting in the lower GT4 category, players build their own racing team - another highly requested feature - from the ground up.

GT Manager '24 everything you need to know
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This includes scouting for sponsors, hiring and firing drivers and staff, developing and testing new components for the car, building and maintaining your team HQ, and managing the strategy throughout a race. On-track incidents, a tyre wear system, and dynamic weather will keep you on your toes right to the chequered flag, with your pit stop strategy going out the window at any point during a race.

Racing takes place across two formats. These are a seven-lap Sprint race and 14-lap Endurance races. Endurance races require a mandatory driver change, so it’s down to you to bring your car in at the best time for a seamless swap while also managing the fuel level of the car.

The racing journey

In total, there are five championships in GT Manager ‘24. Starting in GT4, the goal is to progress through GT3, GT2, and GTE right the way up to the Hypercar category, where you get to play with the best racing machinery.

GT Manager '24 everything you need to know
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Each racing championship is split into 10 races. Points are awarded depending on where you finish, with the best team at the end of each season promoted into the category above. Don’t finish last, however, as you’ll find yourself tumbling back down the championships.

Along with the championship races, players can take part in sponsored side racing events. These can generate much-needed cash for your team, helping you develop a crucial part or keep your drivers signed on for another season.

GT Manager '24 everything you need to know
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GT Manager ‘24 features fully licensed GT drivers, teams, and championships. This creates an immersive GT management experience, competing against the very best of GT and WEC racing.

Top brands including Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Mercedes AMG, and Porsche are also in the game, with over 30 officially licensed racing cars from the WEC, IMSA, and GT World Challenge Europe championships.


At the time of writing, GT Manager ‘24 will only be available on PC via Steam. Developers Tiny Digital Factory have not stated if any other platforms will be available at a later date, so it looks like the game won't be coming to consoles.

You can watch the GT Manager '24 announcement trailer below:

There’s also no word on whether GT Manager ‘24 will be available via any other digital stores on PC. We’ll update this post if anything changes.

Release date

No official release date has been given for GT Manager ‘24 yet, but we do know the game will be coming later in 2024. With its closest rival, F1 Manager 2024, due sometime during the summer, we expect GT Manager ‘24 to release either just before or just after the official F1 management title.

GT Manager '24 everything you need to know
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Of course, we will update this post once the full release date is revealed, along with confirming any news regarding preorders and early access, so check back later for more information as and when we have it.

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