Hot Wheels Unleashed DLC: DC Universe, Batman, Bane, Poison Ivy, & more!

Hot Wheels Unleashed is now with the public, and fans everywhere are loving the game, including us!

So, with many people now nearing completion in the game, what is there in the way of new content?

Let's take a look now at the first DLCs that have been announced for the nostalgic title!

DC DLC Inbound

There are going to be two separate DLC packs available, with each one available in a rather convoluted way. There will also be free and paid content, as previously promised.

These will also be with players over the next few weeks, so expect plenty of challenges to try your hand at between November, 11 and January, 18.

Alongside these challenges, there will be both premium and free elements of the DLC. Much like a 'Battle Pass' style system, or Rocket League, where players can opt for a premium version if they wish.

There is currently no price release for this 'Season Pass', and it will be called DC Super-Villains Racing Season!

Season content

The content arrives in the form of 6 DC-themed vehicles, each of which is based on a different villain from the DC Universe. These are Bane, Black Manta, The Cheetah, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy and all of which are in the Premium Pass.

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There will also be a number of cosmetics coming to the game with this pass. However, we don't know whether or not these will be part of the premium or free pass just yet.

Finally, players will get gears and coins for completing the challenges related to the DC Super-Villains season.

Batman Expansion DLC

Unlike the season pass with its free and premium content, this Batman DLC is much more clear. It's available in the Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 1 and as a standalone DLC from December 2.

Players will receive 5 new vehicles, a new environment (The Batcave), and a new track module called the Joker Funhouse Split.

There is even a new section in the Career mode for players that get this DLC which is set in Gotham City, home of the Dark Knight of course!

We don't yet have a price for the DLC, but the Pass Vol. 1 is currently £24.99/$29.99.

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