Hot Wheels Unleashed PS5: Gameplay preview, 4K visuals, 120Hz, & more!

Our childhood will soon be revisited in full force with the return of Hot Wheels Unleashed, and we've even had the chance to jump into the game ourselves.

We can't wait for the title, especially seeing as we've been very lucky to grab ourselves a next-gen PS5 and jump into some other titles.

So, let's take a look at what features those with a PS5 can expect to take advantage of in Hot Wheels Unleashed when it launches later this year!

Latest News - Gameplay preview

We finally had the opportunity to experience Hot Wheels Unleashed first hand, and we loved every second!

We’re very excited to get hands-on with the title again in late September.

Skatepark location revealed

The latest announcement from the team behind Hot Wheels Unleashed has shown us another location in the game, Skatepark.

This environment seems absolutely immense, and we're sure players will come up with some incredible tracks there.

Gameplay Trailer

Milestone has finally treated us to our first look at How Wheels Unleashed's gameplay, and we were not disappointed.

Whilst the game is still in pre-alpha, the game already looks like all we could hope for!

It really does seem like the game will sum up perfectly what Hot Wheels was to us when we were younger.

DualSense controller

One of the main advantages to playing games on the next-gen PlayStation 5 is its phenomenal controller.

With some awesome new features including adaptive triggers and even haptic feedback.

In other racing titles, this allows R2 to feel closer to a throttle, and lets you adjust your throttle depending on the situation. Haptic feedback also helps you get even closer to the action than ever before.

Visual Fidelity

The powerful hardware of the PlayStation is also capable of some incredible resolutions.

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LITTLE CAR, BIG WORLD: The game seems to feature our toys in a big world!

For some titles, the PS5 can even run certain games in 4K with a 120Hz refresh rate also. As such, we may be treated to an incredible looking game that's also buttery smooth.

Just remember, to take advantage of these features you'll need a monitor/TV that can handle it.

Loading Times

One of the final benefits to the powerful hardware of the PS5 is the fast loading times.

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ALL-OUT ACTION: The trailer promises some crazy gameplay!

This will allow you to get into the game faster than ever before, but is of course limited to the PS5. You won't be keeping up on a last-gen PS4.

This also includes loading times in-game. That means you'll be racing from level to level faster than ever before.

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