Hot Wheels Unleashed Review: Your childhood dreams come to life

We've had the week to get to grips with Hot Wheels Unleashed, the arcade racer that promises to take us back to our childhoods.

The game has delivered on everything it promised, and if you're picking the game up as well, we can't wait to see what you make of it.

For now, here's our take on the title, and what players can expect from the pocket-sized racer!

Getting stuck in

One of the first things that I need to share with you all is the gameplay, which continues to impress me. The tracks really do feel unique, meaning that extended periods of playing never feel repetitive.

This quite often plagues the arcade racing genre, with games that are often sold as ways to quickly kill a bit of time. Hot Wheels Unleashed doesn't have this problem, and I love it.

The various vehicles, tracks, and even settings for the tracks are everything I could have hoped for. Primarily, they're an awesome way of making you feel like you're one of the toys we all remember so fondly.

Likewise, the Track Builder is an incredible addition. It allows you to live out your most ridiculous Hot Wheels dreams, creating loop after loop or jumping insane distances across rooms, you can do it all!

Vibrant Visuals

We played the game on PC, and it was utterly stunning. Considering the environments can be rather dark, no detail is lost, and the immersion is truly unique.

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It's difficult to make a player feel like they're really there. Conventional racing-sim titles like AC/ACC and F1 2021 can do so through realistic physics, tyre models, and to an extent, visual fidelity.

Hot Wheels Unleashed, however, really just makes you feel like you're in control of the toys we can all recall so well. It's an experience that's difficult to put your finger on, but I'm here for it!

Something for everyone

Another selling point of Hot Wheels Unleashed is how varied it is. If you don't want to race, head down to the basement and get customising your chillout space.

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If you get bored of your video-game MTV Cribs then simply head out and get building your own tracks.

Of course, the game also has a multiplayer for players to jump into as well, and also a quick play feature if there's a particular track or setting you really enjoy.

Toys for all

The cars are all real-life toys that you could go out and buy, and even include real marques as well such as Audi, Dodge, and Honda.

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These models are perfectly coupled with the tracks, which look exactly like the ones we all made when we were younger. There's something about sending 'Bad to the Blade' flying through the air from one piece of orange track to another.

This variety in vehicles and track pieces also means that you could play the game for years and still have unique races. The Track Builder is an awesome addition to the game, and you shouldn't avoid it!

Our Verdict

I had an absolute blast getting stuck in to Hot Wheels Unleashed, and the game really grew on me.

From the game's outstanding looks to the variety of gameplay and things to do, it really did blow other arcade racers out of the water.

With post-launch DLC en route, including free vehicles and who knows what else, the game will only get even better!

RacingGames Rating: 8/10.

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