Hot Wheels Unleashed Skatepark location: New vehicles, gameplay, & more!

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The perfect childhood throwback game for all of us Hot Wheels Unleashed, releases later this year, and we can't wait to play it.

The game has already announced a number of the locations we'll be heading to, including the latest, Skaptepark.

Let's take a look at this new location now, and everything else which the trailer showed us!

Skatepark Trailer

We've seen the main game trailer, as well for other individual locations such as the College Campus. This latest reveal gives us a look at Skatepark.

The trailer shows some awesome gameplay of this latest location, and it's always nice to see some new gameplay anyway. That way, we know what to expect!

The track looks incredible and really makes the cars resemble their real-life, toy-sized counterparts. We're sure players will have fun creating their own tracks with the track editor here, as the environment is huge.


As with all new game trailers, those with a keen eye will notice elements in the background that we hadn't yet seen. The same is true with this latest trailer, and there are a couple of things to spot.

HWU Plus powerup
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Some viewers noticed a new power-up in the background, denoted by a blue '+' symbol on the track. This appears to charge the wheels slightly, but we don't know how that will play out in-game.

There is also a new moving barrier which forces players down one section of track or the other, and fans lining each side of the circuit.

New cars


The game will feature 60+ Hot Wheels cars at launch, and this trailer gave us the chance to see 7 more of those joining the lineup.

HWU Gameplay
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For those still fond of the franchise, you may know these by name, which are the Time Attaxi, Hot Wheels High and Veloci-Racer to name but a few.

No matter what kind of racer you are, or how much of a Hot Wheels fanatic you may claim to be, we're sure the game will have something new and exciting for players!

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