How Big is Real Racing 3?

Despite being one of the most famous mobile racing games out there, Real Racing 3's size was mysterious to many. So, we're here to tell you how big is Real Racing 3.

Although its download size being 37 MB on the play store, the game's real size is much bigger. It starts to download when you open the game for the first time.

So how big is it really?

Real Racing 3's true size

Reading the game's page on the store, you can see that the game asks you to have at least 2.5 GB of free space to run the game optimally. So, you can deduce that the game's size to be around that big!

But that's the minimum required to play the game! So while this is the true minimum size, this isn't the full size of the game. However, you can already tell that you'll need to dedicate a lot of space to play the game

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REAL SIZE: Being one of the largest mobile games in terms of size, you'll need to free up space to download Real Racing, with it's real size being over 2GB.

A few searches lead you to see that the game's size has been increasing over time with the increase of content in it. The game gets consistent updates, the latest one adding the Lotus Evija to the game!

But, downloading the entire game is not mandatory. It will make your experience better, especially with shorter loading screens, and pre-loaded content. So, what is the game's size in total?

How big is Real Racing 3 in total?

As of the latest update, the game is around 5.8 GB total, including game files, add-ons, updates, and all the components. It's an indicator of the game having so much content constantly keeping the game fresh.

But it can be a double-edged sword, as some older devices might not be able to have this much space. This shouldn't be a problem for modern devices, which have much more storage.

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ADD-ONS: With constant additional content rolling into the game, there are over 3GB in content aside from the base game in Real Racing!

If the size of the game might be a problem for you, you can consider getting Real Racing 3 for your PC! And you can still get the best experience, and have plenty of space!

And that's all you need to know about the size of Real Racing 3!

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