How Gamers Use Poker To Bolster Their Skill & Strategy

How Gamers Use Poker To Bolster Their Skill & Strategy

How Gamers Use Poker To Bolster Their Skill & Strategy

Whether it's professional sports or casino gaming, a lot of crossover skill is involved with poker, especially for players who operate at an elite level. While the games may change, and the skill involved varies, the top players' mentality is prevalent across various games and remains a constant.

Poker is unique in this sense because it develops skills you can use across multiple games, and some have been known to use poker strategy in other fields, ranging from business strategy to psychological study. But what specifically about poker draws gamers in, and how do people sharpen their skills at a poker table and bolster their skill and strategy in other areas?

Mental Sharpness & Toughness

Although poker can improve your overall gaming strategy in various ways, its impact on mental sharpness and toughness is profound. To become adept at poker, you must learn the rules before you place a wager and join a table, whether online or in a land-based casino. Understanding how poker rules work is the key to developing strategy, and once you have the process in place, you can hone your skills and become a more effective strategist.

Unlike other casino games, such as roulette and blackjack, poker involves much higher levels of skill, and you can put the odds in your favor if you know how to navigate your way effectively around the table; all other casino games are games of chance.

Although poker is still a game of chance, as it requires you to get a winning hand often, some top players can navigate themselves out of a tight spot with a limited hand if they know how to read the table. By snatching victory from the jaws of defeat and staying calm under pressure when you know the likelihood that somebody else at the table has a better hand is a skill you can transition to other games, such as video gaming or sports.

Developing Patience

Poker games and sessions can last for hours or days at a time. Once you've established how the rules work and know how the game works, you'll realize just how long these tournaments can go on and how you always need to keep your cards close to your chest. In poker, one of the most common errors a player can make is to allow their impatience or emotions to get the better of them and be forced into a move by the more experienced players at the table. However, if you've played poker a lot, you will appreciate that it is a game of patience and strategy as much as it is a game of skill and strategy.

Once you have unlocked the key and can relax at the table, this is arguably the most decisive element you can acquire when playing other games that require strategy and patience over a prolonged period. Whether it is the latest motorsports games, where you can be in an online race for hours at a time, or a Fortnite or Dota 2 tournament which could take days or weeks to conclude, the ability to implement patience and focus into your gaming is an asset that few gamers possess, whether they're casino gamers or play video console games.

Assessing Your Opponent

Knowing how to read your opponent's body language or having the ability to psych them out are two of the most significant advantages that elite poker players have over a lot of the competition. Understanding how your opponent might behave is something that has been studied for thousands of years, with some of the finest sporting names in their field, like Muhammad Ali, being able to master psyching out their opponent before the bout has even started.

Being able to deconstruct how your opponent might work doesn't need to involve the rambunctious nature shown by Muhammad Ali and, more recently, by the likes of Michael Jordan. Still, there's a lot to be said for a poker player who can use trash talk to get inside their opponent's head and impact their game. While many deem it unethical, unless it is excessive, it is within the laws of the game. It is an element of poker that video gamers have implemented to some extent, but it is clamped down on, especially in the big tournaments. Studying the body language of your opponent is something that can benefit you immensely in several different sports, including eSports.


Today, we have explored a few examples of how gamers use crossover skills that they've managed to harness while playing poker and implement them into video gaming. However, the truth is that you can incorporate elements of poker into many different aspects of your life, which probably goes a long way to explaining how it's remained such a popular game for over a century.

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