How to play Gran Turismo 4 on PC

We're big fans of PlayStation 2 titles, in fact, it's the console's birthday this week.

We no longer have our PS2 to hand, however, we do have a PC. Excitingly, there's a way for us to play these games on our PC.

So, let's take a look at what you'll need to play these games now!


One of the first things you'll need to do in order to play these titles on is an emulator.

GT4 2
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GAMEPLAY: Gran Turismo 4 was an incredible title!

There are a number of choices, however, the one we prefer is PCSX2. This can be downloaded using this link!

Once downloaded, you just need to extract the files and run the application. The setup is relatively easy, with the only awkward element being downloading the PS2 bios.

Once downloaded, you'll be prompted to browse and find the PS2 bios that you have downloaded. You can get the bios that we use here!

Game time

Once you have the emulator downloaded and setup ready to go, you'll need some games to play of course!

Gran Turismo 4
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TIME TO RACE: You can play GT4 on your PC!

You can simply type in on Google the game you wish to play followed by the word 'iso'. For most games, you need 7 Zip also.

You can use 7 Zip to extract the files from the game you download. Next, you simply need to select System in PCSX2, boot ISO (full), and select the game you want to play!

Gran Turismo 7

It seems that we may be sinking more hours into GT4 than we initially anticipated, as GT7 has been delayed.

gran turismo 7
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FOOTAGE: Hopefully we get some more footage of the game soon!

Originally pencilled in as a PS5 'release window' title, the game has now been pushed back to 2022.

This delay means that players on PlayStation will have to wait slightly longer to get their hands on the next game. Hopefully it blows us away!

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