Kartrider: Drift Season 5: BLACKPINK & eight new tracks join the grid

Kartrider: Drift Season 5

Kartrider: Drift Season 5

Kartrider: Drift ends 2023 on a high, drifting full speed into Season 5. The Season 5 update adds eight new tracks, a new racing pass, and even brings a global phenomenon to the race. Let’s take a look at what’s coming in Kartrider: Drift Season 5.

Track changes

Eight new tracks join the race in Kartrider: Drift’s Season 5 update. Trapworks and Bang and Clang increase the Factory track count, while Altar of Secrets and Skeletal Citadel boost the Graveyard offerings. The rest of the new tracks are included in a whole new area of the game.

Kartrider: Drift Season 5 Mean Streets
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The vast and vibrant metropolis of Moonhill comes with the Central Station, Mean Streets, Streetcar Run, and Lawless Tunnel tracks. Racing under the city's neon glow, you'll navigate the winding tunnels and busy streets to karting glory.

Eight new tracks are already a massive upgrade to the game, but there’s even more in Season 5.

Premium racing

Kartrider: Drift Season 5 also comes with a new racing pass. This allows players to earn free rewards by completing challenges and earning trophies. Those who upgrade to the Premium Pass can take their rewards to the max, earning the Wolf Mask Raptor R at level 30, and the Polar Bear Uni and Monster rewards at level 40.

Kartrider: Drift Season 5 new rewards
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New weekly events will be added for players to compete in and complete, including track events and daily login rewards. These login rewards earn players decals, skins, and more just by playing the game.

There’s one more new feature coming to Kartrider: Drift in Season 5, and it’s one for the music fans.

Paint the track BLACKPINK

Global K-Pop group BLACKPINK joins Kartrider: Drift in Season 5. All four members of the group, JISOO, JENNIE, ROSE, and LISA, will be available for players to select and race as, drifting around every track in the game.

Along with the members of the group, Season 5 also sees BLACKPINK skins, emotes, and decals for each member, as well as the new Pink Venom Supercar kart available to players. A 4-set BLACKPINK Balloon Pack is earnable for players who play Kartrider: Drift during Season 5.

Kartrider: Drift Season 5 BLACKPINK
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Four additional new characters will also be selectable, including the mayor of Moonhill Mayor Zipi, Viktor, Raptor L, and Raptor R. Each new character comes with their own backstory and personality for players to explore.

Racing as BLACKPINK through the neon streets of Moonhill somehow seems fitting, and perfect for Kartrider: Drift players. You can find out more in the Kartrider: Drift Season 5 patch notes.

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