Lego 2K Drive - Drive Pass Season 1 Revealed: New cars, characters, challenges & more

Lego 2K Drive's Drive Pass Season 1 update has been officially revealed.

There are new cars, drivers, challenges and a whole lot more to look forward to in this Lego 2K Drive update! We've had so much fun with this game since it launched earlier in the year and more content is very welcome!

What exactly will be included, though? And when can we experiecne it? We've got everything you need to know about Drive Pass Season 1 right here!

Lego 2K Drive - Drive Pass Season 1 Revealed

Lego 2K Drive's first season of updates was revealed via the official PlayStation social media channels. The trailer was posted online and it shows us exactly what we can expect when Season 1 drops.

If you haven't seen the reveal trailer, you can check it out below:

Included in Drive Pass Season 1 as standard, you have new challenges such as Fast Track Flashback and Perilous Platforms. Free characters include Colonel Cluckington and Guy #1.

Free new items including an Underglow Light Bar and a V8 engine are also in this update.

Also included in Drive Pass Season 1's Premium version we have the Nissan Skyline GT-R, 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, Bajambug, Ruby Roadster and a Biplane Offroader. On the character front there is Lita, Ronnie, Rita and Doug.

How can I get Drive Pass?

Drive Pass gives players access to each new season of content throughout the first year of Lego 2K Drive's life cycle.

There are four seasons, the first being this month's and the other three dropping in Autumn, Winter and Spring, respectively.

Those that already have either the Awesome or Awesome Rivals editions of Lego 2K Drive will already have access to Drive Pass Season 1. They'll also already have access to Season 2-4 when they launch too.

Lego 2K Drive
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Credit: Visual Concepts / 2K Games

Players who have the standard version of the game can choose to add the Year 1 Drive Pass to their game for £32.99.

To unlock the "Premium" rewards for Season, though, you'll need to buy this for £8.99, even if you already have the Rivals edition or the Year 1 pass. All of these can be purchased via your console's online store or Steam on PC.

Each Drive Pass Season will have 100 levels to play through. These levels provide players with the opportunity to earn new Free Rewards as you level-up.

This gives you the chance to earn a range of new in-game content including new drivers, stickers, flairs, sounds, and more!

Drive Pass Season 1 Release Date

So, now you know how to get Drive Pass, you'll probably be wondering when you will be able to play Season 1's content.

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Credit: Visual Concepts / 2K Games

Thankfully, there's not long to wait, as Drive Pass Season 1 launches on 28th June. That's only two days away, so you weren't already hyped, you should be now!

That release date is the same for every system and no matter where you are worldwide.

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