Minecraft racing? Fan recreates Monza as a fully raceable circuit

Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever made thanks to its near-infinite ways of building, creating, and playing.

While some fans are waiting around for the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update, others are getting busy creating racing within the Minecraft universe.

Let's take a look...

Minecraft Monza

Shared on Reddit, u/ScurrMinatorYT has created a 1-1 replica Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, known to Formula 1 fans as the Temple of Speed.

The track includes a pitlane, grandstands, and even the podium that juts out over the starting grid.

While the huge sausage kerbs preventing corner-cutting on the chicanes aren't there, the surface itself is fully navigable by boats which makes it ideal for racing.

F1 vs Minecraft boat

As you might expect, Steve in a boat is not exactly at Lewis Hamilton speed. This is especially true when it comes to blasting down Monza's long straights.

The boat also seems to suffer from a lot of understeer into the chicanes. They clearly need a dedicated Monza setup!

GT Sport Monza
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NEVER A DULL MOMENT: No matter the game, Monza offers great racing

Monza always offers great racing, so we'd love to give this a go.

Just watch out for some capsized boats at the first corner!

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