New Monster Jam Showdown Gameplay Trailer Shows Off New Game Modes and Maps

Monster Jam Showdown
Credit: Milestone

Monster Jam Showdown
Credit: Milestone

The new Monster Jam Showdown Gameplay Trailer shows off new game modes to play and maps to experience.

Monster Jam Showdown was revealed earlier this year and we're interested to see what Milestone does with this series. This is the first Monster Jam video game since Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 in 2021.

It also marks Milestone's debut in the series which is based around the real-life Monster Jam events. So, let's see what the gameplay trailer tells us about Monster Jam Showdown!

New Monster Jam Showdown Gameplay Trailer

The 37-second trailer opens with Monster Jam Shwodown's tagline 'Get Ready To Go Big' and this showcase definitely embodies that. There's a huge stadium with ramps ready to be jumped and fireworks being set off.

We then get our first game mode, Freestyle, where players will be able to perform their favorite tricks from the world of Monster Jam.

Monster Jam howdown Gameplay Trailer
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Credit: Milestone

For those that are new to this motorsport discipline, there are bespoke tutorials that will help you in your quest to master the most extreme stunts such as wheelies, donuts and bicycles.

You'll be able to show off inside stadiums based on real venues and in themed environments inspired by the American wilderness!

Off-road Races

Off-road races compliment the official stadium events and offer a completely different challenge. These have destructible objects, crazy track designs, and extreme weather conditions.

Monster Jam Showdown
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Credit: Milestone

The Showdown Tour is a non-linear career experience with plenty of events.

Players will be able to explore eight different game modes across three original environments in the form of Death Valley, Colorado, and Alaska.

There's also a Split-screen mode on offer, which enables thrilling duels with family and friends, whereas a number of online-only events will grant dramatic challenges.

Just in Monster Jam Trailer

If you haven't checked out the Just in Monster Jam trailer, you're missing out. Never fear, though, we've linked it below for you to check out:

Monster Jam Showdown will be released worldwide on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on August 29, 2024.

Pre-orders are available now and Early Access will be available from August 26!

Are you hyped for Monster Jam Showdown? Let us know in the comments below!

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