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The history of British motorsport has left an indelible footprint on the racing industry, shaping its evolution and setting new standards of excellence. The most popular racing simulators such as Formula 1, Forza Horizon, Dirt, and Project Cars were developed by some of the most innovative British software developers. However, the world knows the great examples of racing games that have been developed outside the UK. Our team decided to explore these non-UK games to uncover what makes them so desirable to different types of players.

Games Developed Outside the UK With Great Racing Physics

Games that were developed in the UK and outside of it have certain unique differences. We would like to cover them with particular examples so you can realize why they are so popular, even among British players. Let's start with the most important aspect of the simulator - game physics.

We will start our comparison of UK vs Non-UK games with Assetto Corsa. This product of the Italian company Kunos Simulazioni is considered one of the best on the market, mostly due to the fact that the driving simulations are perfect. The car models were based on laser scanning of actual vehicles so you players can enjoy one of the most realistic gameplay.

The next non-UK game we would like to talk about is Gran Turismo, which has been one of the best-known racing simulators of all time. Its history started in 1997 and even then, the game was known for its realistic features. The release of the last version was in March 2022. It provides players the ability to purchase the car they like and tune them. Graphics is one of the best in the world of gaming and the most detailed. Even the weather is realistic and detailed.

The last video game developed outside of the UK that we want to use as an example is Wreckfest. It is a bit different from others here. For instance, you will be able to drive a derby and your mission is to either win or destroy all other cars and then win. The game's physics and graphics are great as well as the cars are detailed.

Non UK Games With Additional Features

The non UK games that we have mentioned above are known for their great racing simulation. But what about other features? Modern games have long gone beyond the limits of the single genre and racing simulators are no exception. One of the most loved features for players is the open world, which involves free movement around the map in search of adventure.

Discover Open World

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The aforementioned feature of the open world is simply the best. You can get the car you like and drive it across the whole map without any limits. This option transform boring driving into an incredible adventure that can keep players focused for plenty of hours. Some of the best games developed outside the UK that provide such possibilities are Need for Speed and Test Drive Unlimited.

Create Your Unique Character

One of the fun features is the ability to create your avatar. This is something that has been seen in countless games, not only in racing developments. Players can create a character that looks like they look in the real world or they can make him or her look special. This option is available in almost all modern versions of Need for Speed.

Play Casino Games

The casino is perhaps the most unique feature in racing games developed outside the UK. In fact, it is present only in Test Drive Unlimited 2. This game allows you to dive into the world of luxury, expensive cars, insanely huge yachts and gambling. Unlike British alternatives such as Forza Horizon, which offer only loot boxes or slots with free spins, in TDU you will find reputable non UK online casinos with a full range of gambling games and the ability to play for real money. In addition, you can enjoy casino games with your friends or with other players. So, if you want to gamble and drive fast cars, this game is great for you.


Players have a lot of different racing games they can enjoy. Here we have explored UK and non-UK games that are available all the time and can be a real pleasure to play. Try to find the one that has all the elements or the features you will like and want to enjoy. Luckily this will be more than just an easy task and something you can do all by yourself at any given moment.

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