Overpass 2 announced: Sequel to off-road racer coming later this year

Overpass 2 has been officially announced! The sequel to the popular Overpass in 2019 has been confirmed to be releasing later this year.

Overpass is a lot of fun and we're sure that Overpass 2 is going to bring a lot to the table. There's a new developer at the helm of the series, as well as new vehicles to race around brand new circuits.

Overpass 2's reveal has confirmed plenty of new details from its release date to which consoles you'll be able to purchase it on. Here's everything we learned from Overpass 2's announcement.

Overpass 2 announced

Overpass 2 is the first game in the series that's available on what is now the current generation of home gaming consoles. So, naturally, Overpass 2's graphics, physics and sound are all a level above what we had in Overpass.

A new career mode will see you get the opportunity to rise up from an inexperienced rookie to become a champion.

Overpass 2
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Credit: Nacon

There are five unique environments to explore with over 30 circuits within them. There's also five types of games to compete in and 35 fully-licenced vehicles in which to take part in.

Perhaps the biggest change is on the development front though, as Zordix Racing have been replaced by Neopica. Nacon will still publish Overpass though, so it's remaining effectively under the same umbrella.


One of the biggest questions around a new game is which systems it'll be available on. Thankfully, Nacon has confirmed this when Overpass 2 was announced.

Overpass 2
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Credit: Nacon

Unsurprisingly, the current-gen systems of the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC will all get Overpass 2.

However, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One won't get Overpass 2. The old-gen systems won't be able to run Overpass 2, so you'll need to upgrade if you haven't already.

Reveal trailer

Overpass 2 was officially revealed alongside a reveal trailer on Nacon's YouTube channel. The trailer has given us a first look at the gameplay we can expect to experience from 19th October 2023.

If you haven't checked it out yet, you can do so below:

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