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Prodigy Drift Codes (November 2023): Gain free cash

Prodigy Drift codes
Credit: Roblox

Prodigy Drift is a Roblox drifter's dream. Before taking it for a spin, you'll need to tune your drift machine. Cars and upgrades are bought with cash, and the fastest way to earn cash is using Prodigy Drift codes.

This list of Prodigy Drift codes will help you kick up that tyre smoke.

What are Prodigy Drift codes?

Prodigy Drift may only be limited to five cars to go drifting in, but thanks to the deep customisation options there are up to 20k tuning possibilities. The majority of these tuning settings are in the engine, but they don't come cheap.

Prodigy Drift codes
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Credit: Gameloft

Tuning is possible using cash. Cash can be earned through events to use to improve the car ready for the next drift.

Cash can also be redeemed using Prodigy Drift codes. These are ideal for those looking to improve their car without having to grind their drifting skills.

Working Prodigy Drift codes

We’ve listed the latest working Prodigy codes below as of 10 November 2023.

  • MONEY—Redeem for 5k Cash (New)
  • 20MIL—Redeem for 10k Cash (New)
  • 33LIKE—Redeem for 10k Cash (New)
  • UPDATE—Redeem for 2.5k Cash (New)
  • 100K—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • 32LIKE—Redeem for 7.5k Cash
  • SOON—Redeem for 2.5k Cash
  • BONUS—Redeem for 2.5k Cash
  • INTRO—Redeem for 5k Cash
  • OPTIMIZE—Redeem for 3.5k Cash
  • MOBILE_UI—Redeem for 5k Cash
  • NEW_MODS—Redeem for 180SX mods and 5k Cash

Expired Prodigy Drift codes

Here are all the latest expired Prodigy Drift codes as of 10 November 2023.

  • DAY7
  • 31LIKES
  • DAY6
  • 55FOLLOW
  • 18MILLION—Redeem for Goosebux
  • DAY4—Redeem for Goosebux
  • 30LIKES—Redeem for Goosebux
  • DAY3—Redeem for Goosebux
  • DAY2—Redeem for Goosebux
  • DAY1—Redeem for Goosebux
  • LABORDAY—Redeem for Goosebux
  • LIKE28—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • GROUP—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • MILLIONS—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • DELAYS—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • EAST—Redeem for 4k Goosebux
  • LIKE22—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • 8MILLION—Redeem for 8k Goosebux
  • MODS—Redeem for 6k Goosebux
  • SUS—Redeem for 5.6k Goosebux
  • KEY—Redeem for 6.4k Goosebux
  • GTR—Redeem for 3.4k Goosebux
  • LIKED—Redeem for 7.5k Goosebux
  • PASSENGER—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • STANCE—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • 7MILLION—Redeem for 7k Goosebux
  • MORECASH—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • LIKE20—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • LIKE19—Redeem for 7,5k Goosebux
  • PLAYGROUND—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • KB43VER—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • NEW_YEAR—Redeem for 15k Goosebux
  • FIREWORK—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • 6MIL—Redeem for 6k Goosebux
  • LIKEMILE—Redeem for 5k Gooesbux
  • COLLECTOR—Redeem for 3k Goosebux
  • CHRISTMAS—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • 17K—Redeem for 7.5k Goosebux
  • 5MIL—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • 70KGROUP—Redeem for 7k Goosebux
  • 4200PEEP—Redeem for 4k Goosebux
  • 15K—Redeem for 7.5k Goosebux
  • 70Group—Redeem for 7k Goosebux
  • 4Peep—Redeem for 4k Goosebux
  • FALL—Redeem for 6.5k Goosebux
  • TRAILER—Redeem for 5k Goosebux
  • 4MILL—Redeem for 100k Goosebux
  • Spooky—Redeem for 7.5k Goosebux
  • 14K—Redeem for 7.5k Goosebux
  • 13K—Redeem for 7.5k Goosebux
  • 3500Peep—Redeem for 10k Goosebux
  • 12K—Redeem code for 7.5k Goosebux
  • 3MIL—Redeem code for 10k Goosebux
  • SOZ—Redeem code for 5k Goosebux
  • 11K—Redeem code for 7,5k Goosebux
  • 10k_Likes—Redeem code for rewards
  • 2MIL—Redeem code for 10k Goosebux
  • 9000Likes—Redeem code for rewards
  • 8000Likes—Redeem code for rewards
  • 7000Likes—Redeem code for rewards
  • Peep3K—Redeem code for rewards
  • 1MIL—Redeem code for 10k Goosebux
  • TwitterFollower—Redeem code for rewards
  • NewGame—Redeem code for rewards
  • Christmas—Redeem code for rewards
  • NewGoose—Redeem code for rewards
  • Follower—Redeem code for 2,2k Goosebux
  • GroupGoals—Redeem code for 3,5k Goosebux
  • 17M—Redeem code for 4,5k Goosebux
  • Halloween—Redeem code for rewards
  • TrickOrTreat—Redeem code for rewards
  • 4JULY—Redeem code for 4th of July car and 5k Goosebux
  • Patience—Redeem code for 2,5k Goosebux
  • VIP——Redeem code for rewards
  • Week of Updates——Redeem code for 8k Goosebux
  • BYE360—Redeem for rewards
  • GRAPHICS—Redeem for rewards
  • MILESTONES—Redeem for rewards
  • Goose—Redeem for rewards
  • RD2021—Redeem for rewards
  • XMAS—Redeem for rewards

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How to redeem Prodigy Drift codes

  • Launch Prodigy Drift on Roblox.
  • Click on the Menu button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.
  • Enter the code in the Type code here text box.
  • Click Submit to redeem your reward.
How to redeem Prodigy Drift codes
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Where to get more Prodigy Drift codes

If you want more Prodigy Drift codes, we regularly check for new codes and update the list above.

However, if you want to find them as soon as they are released, it's worth keeping an eye on developer Network Solutions' X account or checking out their Discord server.

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